White Day Patisserie

For dessert-lovers, the appeal of Japanese desserts is in their typical character i.e. creamy and fluffy, low on sweetness and their presentation with flair – no doubt the factors leading to their increasing popularity in the last decade. You can probably name many Japanese patisseries in Bangkok that offer this distinctive style of sweet delicacies with a zen vibe, but an outstanding favourite has to be White Day Patisserie with its concept to ‘Make every day a ‘White Day’ for you’.

In Japan, White Day falls on 14 March and it’s the day when boys present a return gift (usually chocolate) to the girl(s) who gave him a gift on Valentine’s Day, exactly one month earlier. White Day Patisserie is like one of these Japanese boys, romancing you with sweet gifts, and impossible not to fall in love with…

The patisserie recently opened its sixth branch, at Siam Center, for younger urbanites. It’s modest in size, and cosy with its open-plan wooden setting. Walk past the bakery display to the inner area and you’ll be welcomed by booths on the left and rows of high stools on the right. Bonsai and potted plants add a touch of a Japanese garden feel, and a long cord is stretched across the length of the shop, on which customers are encouraged to hang their personally illustrated postcards.

White Day Shortcake

We started with the simple-looking yet surprising White Day Shortcake, the signature cake. The Japanese-style sponge cake was so soft and fluffy it seemed to melt in my mouth before I even swallowed – and that’s not an overstatement. The cake was layered with fresh strawberries and cream, creating a perfect heavenly match which had me sighing happily till the last bite.

Strawberry Dome

Isn’t the most thrilling moment when you receive a gift when you un-wrap it? At White Day Patisserie this moment gets re-enacted when a Strawberry Dome made of chocolate sits on the table, waiting for you to pour hot chocolate sauce all over it to reveal its contents. As the dome melts away you’ll discover the gifts inside i.e. fresh strawberry crêpe, strawberry mousse with vanilla crumble, and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Needless to say, this is a tasty paradise.

The Box

Our third dessert arrived in the shape of a white gift box with a white bow on top – a clever reference to the patisserie’s name. It was so delightful that I didn’t want to cut into it, but then my curiosity – and my appetite – got the better of me. My first bite released a party in my mouth with crunchy feuilletine, soft almond mousse, sponge cake, mascarpone, fresh strawberries and ground pistachios, and the tang of acerbic marmalade.

Fujisan Kakigori

Bingsu-lovers will find this Kakigori, or Japanese shaved ice, hard to resist. This Fujisan version will remind you of the lofty Mount Fuji in Japan with its blue-coloured, honey-lemon flavoured shaved ice and topping of white chocolate cream that looks exactly like a snow-capped peak. First pour some blue lemon syrup on top for a sour kick, then start chiselling away and you’ll gradually discover cheesecake, honey jelly and cereal underneath, making all your work fun. It’s a great dessert to share with friends.

White Day Patisserie also offers a tasty drinks list to quench dry throats. The Apple Italian Soda and Strawberry Italian Soda will best complement the sweetness in the desserts. I recommend that you go with a friend or two, as the portions are big enough for sharing. Prices are very reasonable.

White Day Patisserie (Open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.)
4th floor, Siam Centre shopping mall
Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok
T: 02 251 2957
E: whitedaycake@gmail.com
W: www.whitedaypatisserie.com , www.facebook.com/whitedaypatisserie