Where Himmapan Exists – in 4D

I’ve been familiar with the Himmapan Forest of Thai mythical legend since I was young, as it appeared in much of the Thai literature I studied. Within this mythical forest lived numerous mystical creatures, and it was where many classic Indian folktales took place. I’m not sure if Newt Scamander from J.K.Rowling’s ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ ever visited Himmapan, but I did last month! Unbelievable? – I confess that I am referring to Himmapan Avatar, the new live theatre experience in Bangkok that sweeps visitors away to a convincingly realistic 4D fantasy kingdom.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to see it!:

1# Swashbuckling Story

The story plot opens with the mystical residents of Himmapan Avatar at a low, having lived in fear for centuries since being annexed by Asuras (or demons). At long last their day of resurrection comes, and the mystical creatures begin to venture out of their hiding places. You’ll follow an Angel Bird and a gang of Monkey Birds on their adventurous quest to find the Gem of Blessing, which emerges from the Anodad Pond only once every 100 years, and a parade of villains plus other obstacles that confront them along the way. The ending is, undoubtedly, a very impressive one!

2# Complete Immersive Experience

Your nerves will tingle and your pulse will quicken with the amazing sets of lights, sounds and special effects. Well-sequenced lively fireworks and water play during the action scenes keeps the vibe of the show humming along, and the audience’s eyes riveted on the stage.

3# First Impression

Himmapan Avatar’s entrance is striking, with a dazzling walkway tunnel spiked with gigantic mushrooms and, suspended from the ceiling, grass that glows. It’s an unforgettable first impression and leads visitors towards the theatre. Do not miss taking a selfie or two here!

4# Symphonic Songs

The memorable Broadway-style tunes of Himmapan Avatar bring the story and characters in each scene to life, adding another dimension of enjoyment for visitors. Performed by Thailand’s top divas and divos, their stellar voices and emotive singing will enthral your ears.

5# Professional Performers and Stunts

A cast of over a hundred performing artists adds another wow factor to the show with highly entertaining and synchronized stunts. The choreography shows off their respective skills such as acrobatics, contemporary dance, traditional dance, martial arts and more. Their infinite energy seems to flow up to the roof!

6# A Walk-through the Forest

A surprise happened just when I thought the stage show was over. We were asked to move to the next hall, where the finale would be performed. As I entered the next hall, my breath was taken away – Himmapan Forest was in front of me in spectacular 4D, waiting to be explored! A huge waterfall cascades down in the middle of the space surrounded by humungous and strange-looking plants, and animated mystical beasts purr or hum, inviting us to get closer and pet them. It’s like being a time traveller and catapulted into a fantasy world. This interactive finale allows visitors to get close-up to the mystical creatures of Himmapan Avatar, and to join in their joyous party of victory.

7# Himmapan in Downtown

Building this colossal live theatre venue in downtown was a complex project. Himmapan Avatar takes over 5,000 sq. m. on the 4th floor of the recently-opened Show DC shopping complex, and the theatre alone has a seating capacity for 700 people. Four years and Bht 800 million were spent to make Himmapan Avatar a highly-entertaining live theatre experience for both locals and tourists. The venue is easily accessible as it’s located near Petchaburi MRT Station and Makkasan Airport Link Station.

8# Foreigner-Friendly

Don’t worry if you are an expatriate or tourist who does not understand the Thai language, as different shows are performed either in Thai or English – and yes, even the songs are performed either in Thai or English! Just make sure that you check the schedule carefully and select the right show.

9# Learn More about Thailand

I must admit that even though I’m a Thai, there were lots of fun facts that I learnt only by watching Himmapan Avatar. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter or Greek mythology, you’ll love this live 4D experience into a Thai mythical forest. It’s unique to the world, and will unquestionably become an all-time favourite.

10# Family Edutainment

If your children are bored of museums and zoos, this is a great alternative for them – they will still learn things and get to have fun with animal actors. Your family day here will be filled with the smiles and giggles of your children as they’re greeted by a gorgeous angel, or a handsome hawk-man. I also think that, secretly, even adults will enjoy feeling like a child in a fantasy.

Himmapan Avatar Theater
4th Floor, SHOWDC Mega Complex
Jaturatid Rd. Huai Khwang, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10310

T: +662 111 5005 / +669 6919 5005
E: info@himmapanavatar.com
W: www.showdc.co.th

Text by Rangsimun Kitchaijaroen
Photos by Himmapan Avatar
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