We’re All Smurfs

If asked to think of any fictional character with blue skin, you’ll surely think of Smurf the azure-coloured, amiable elfish friend who is one of the world’s most beloved characters. Recently, Ocean Terminal Forecourt in Hong Kong made the brilliant move of building an enormous simulated Smurfs’ village called ‘We’re All Smurfs’ in its front foyer, which will undoubtedly attract fans and tourists from all over the world.


Visitors will be greeted at the entrance by a four-metre long Smurf floating in the air, and once inside the village you can wander amongst eight of the most memorable scenes from the animation movies, and take photos to your heart’s delight.


Inside the six-metre high Smurf Mushroom House you’ll discover over 35 of those cute miniature blue elves, enjoy learning magic with Papa Smurf, and be able to participate in many interactive games along with familiar, lovable Smurf friends such as Smurffette, Lazy Smurf and Clumsy Smurf.


Do not forget to visit the Smurfs House of Stories, the exhibition inside Gallery Building at Harbour City Department Store where you’ll learn the history of this popular cartoon and about its creator Peyo, the comic artist who has impressed the world with his Smurf creations for 58 years. Peyo’s studio has been reconstructed here, in order to display 36 of his masterpieces for the first time ever. You can learn more about the genius artist from the documentary film that is dedicated to him.


Children will have plenty of fun at The Smurfs Summer School, where they will enjoy many activities including learning magic tricks and how to draw, and about farming.  After learning a skill children will receive a certificate and join a graduation ceremony, when they’ll be certified as a Smurf community member!


To refuel your energy, fill up on the adorable Smurf-themed snacks and desserts. Avid fans and collectors can head to the Smurf Pop-up Store to browse through the collection of Hong Kong Special Edition Smurf puppets, and splurge on quality merchandise. Happy Smurfing!


This special occasion is exhibited from now till August 9. Anyone who is staying or planning to fly to Hong Kong should not miss this short-lived chance. Do not forget to share your moments with your friends on social network. I assure they will be jealous of you.