Travel More and Worry Less with Smart Technology

More and more young people are travelling the world these days.  Advances in technology and the introduction of applications mean that travel arrangements, such as reserving plane tickets and accommodation, have become much easier. However, one problem even the best-prepared travelers come across is hailing a ride and connecting between transportation modes. If you don’t speak the local language, talking to local drivers can be tricky and lead to misunderstandings, often resulting in ending up at the wrong destination. Today, easy travel is no more than just a tap away with a mobile app. With a wide range of services covering 178 cities in 8 countries including the 12 most popular destinations in Thailand, Grab is far and away the best travel buddy to make getting around smooth and worry-free.

For travelers who want a taste of the local life, Grab offers a hyper local service tailored specifically for each area. In Chiang Mai, Thailand, you can use Grab to hail Grab RodDaeng, a small red pickup vehicle, which is known as one of the symbols of the city and is a must-try experience. In the Philippines, GrabTrike lets you hail a motorbike with a sidecar to explore the country like a Filipino.

Worried about the payment method? With GrabPay feature, travelers can use smartphones to pay the fare with a credit or debit card through a system that is not only highly secure but also convenient. Grab developed this top notch risk-free system so that travelers can enjoy their trip without having to worry about carrying cash or about currency exchange.

Better still, language barrier becomes less a problem. GrabChat helps travelers communicate with drivers quicker and more easily with commonly used sentence templates like “Are you near?” that are then translated to the local language automatically at no extra charge. This is a perfect fit for travelers who do not use roaming services. Grab also offers a Share My Ride feature which allows travelers to share their real-time location and tracking link with their friends and family. You can now just sit back and enjoy the ride to the right destination safely with more peace of mind.

One additional benefits of using Grab application is GrabRewards. No matter where you go with Grab, you will get GrabRewards points, which you can collect to redeem cool items such as discount coupons for buying plane tickets for the next trip, discounts and fare for Grab rides, coffee and snack as well as other products and services. Not only will you get to experience the trip, but you will also earn reward points for your next trips.

In your next trip, you can travel more and worry less by simply downloading Grab application onto your smartphone, and enjoy a travel companion that will help smooth all the ride hailing hassles with just one click.