The majestic Jungfrau Region

As the air plane is approaching Switzerland, passengers are highly recommended to look outside the window. Majestic is the famed Jungfrau, standing amongst the boundless, snowy Swiss Alps. Upon arrival, happy visitors are heading to Interlaken, the capital of incredible journeys in the Jungfrau Region, to begin their good times with a view that nearly takes their breath away.


Embraced by four tranquil valleys of the Alps, this graceful vast town between two stunning lakes is one of the first-string romantic destinations of Switzerland. Located in the heart of the country, Interlaken is also a popular departure point for many excursions into the dignified world of Jungfrau Region. Not only magnificent location and lustrous views – here, visitors can also experience the fascinating outdoor activities: hiking, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, and lots of water activities. If those do not excite you, exhilarating adventures like paragliding and mountain parachuting are also on offer. You will be impressed with a fantastic bird’s-eye view of the Interlaken landscape, nestled between the Lake of Thun and Brienz. Couples might simply walk arm-in-arm relaxingly in this wonderful town or hike hand-in-hand to pre-Alpine summits, and revel in the time of their lives.


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Gazing up from the magnetic Interlaken, Harder Kulm, the town’s home mountain, perches on top of the soaring summits. Reachable in less than 10 minutes, tourists could enjoy fabulous views of the Jungfrau Region at 1,322 metres above sea level, with the picturesque Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau, as well as Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The best way to reach Harder Kulm is the Harder Railway. The Two Lakes Bridge vantage platform is a long terrace on the cliff that drops vertically down to a hillside, disclosing one of the most commanding Swiss views. In autumn 2017, a new restaurant with a modern design opened on Harder Kulm, providing 120 more seats, in addition to the Panorama Restaurant. Moreover, Folklore evening shows will be there to entertain visitors with musical impressions.


For adventure-seeking tourists, GrindelwaldFirst is an amazing place for wish fulfillment. To thrillingly explore the Jungfrau region amidst the glacier village, this is an ideal adventure for people at all ages. The wide array of electrifying attractions include the unique First Cliff Walk, First Flyer, scooter-bike rides, Mountain Carts, and the brand new First Glider, allowing visitors to glide high at the speed of 70 kilometers an hour, feeling as free as an eagle in the midst of incredible mountainscape. The six-seater aerial cable-way on the sunny side of the Grindelwald valley heads up to First at 2,168 metres above sea level. High in the Grindelwald valley, you will be greeted by arguably the most impressive 360-degree panoramic view of Alpine mountains, pine forest, jutting rock, cascade, cottage and groups of farm animals: Swiss cows, goats and alpacas in the fields. A variety of summer hiking routes begins here from First station, one of which is a classic two-hour summer hike to Bachalpsee Lake, which is very popular.


One the most spectacular mountain vantage points of the Jungfrau region is Schynige Platte. The place was once the summer resort for the rich and famous, with its astonishing mountain ridges. Presently, it attracts a wide range of tourists who want to witness the nature’s masterpiece. As one steps into the open coaches of the nostalgic cog railway, as if carried back to the Belle Époche, the great experience starts right away. The timelessness of the stunning surroundings makes this 50-minute train journey utterly charming. Visitors will be impressed with the Botanical Alpine Garden, displaying more than 650 species of plants from the Swiss mountains, as well as the Schynige Platte Nature Cinema, the latest attraction for guests to have a photo taken with a breathtaking view of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in the background. From time to time, people can enjoy the warm sound of the rare Alphorn, the local Swiss music instrument, in front of the world-famous summits. And the good news is, the Swiss Travel Pass grants visitors free travel to the Schynige Platte!


Breathtaking is Europe’s highest-altitude railway station, at a height of 3,454 metres above sea level. No other summits in Switzerland can offer an all-year spectacle like Jungfraujoch. Surrounded by gleaming snow covered peaks, visitors could witness the Vosges and the Aletsch glacier, as they step into a whole new world of theirs. From Interlaken-Ost station, it takes two hours to reach the top of Europe, only by the Jungfrau Railway. The journey with the Jungfrau Railway is guaranteed to be uniquely the world’s best experience. Modernized further with four new three-section, low-floor railcars, the new flagship of Jungfrau Railways ensures elated services provided with a modern passenger-compartment design and an up-to-date guest infotainment system. From its new timetable, the trains will take guests to the Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe every 30 minutes daily, which means no more low season. The brand new trains shorten the round-trip length by 30 minutes, which pleasantly allows tourists to have more time inspecting the grandest vista of snow-capped massif.


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