The fresh and wet premium

Just because you are in Bangkok doesn’t mean you cannot find a good source of food imported from Japan. Luckily, with modern shipping, at Nippon Kai Market, you will be spoiled with arrays of fresh produce like it was recently caught from the western Pacific Ocean.


You might have heard of Japanese supermarkets in first-class department stores. But this is entirely different. As a landmark, to make it the only one among other sushi dens in town, Nippon Kai created a special feature by devoting part of its dining space to the market.


Though the market zone isn’t much large, the products like superlative seafood and meat specimens, cheese, and whatnots cannot be commonly cultivated or affordable in a tropical country like this.


When you stumble in, you are welcome to choose any item from the fridge and simply take it home. But that is not what I recommend. You are right at the place where the expert can cook for you so why not let him? Just point your finger to what you need, and wait for the chef to suggest you an appropriate portion and menu.


While we were waiting for our dish, the staff served us a cheese round and some salted crackers. The dessert cheese or dezato cheese tastes like a combination of Hokkaido milk and peanut butter.


The first course to come to the table was a big wooden box full of glistening sashimi. The Sashimi Mori Joe comprises five types of fish, including the yellow tuna, salmon and Hamachi. The bigger set, Premium Sashimi Mori Joe Deluxe, has seven fillet types, with some rare items like Tsubodai (Japanese boarfish).


We had a slab of grilled Tsubodai belly flavoured with a pinch of salt. It was really good to go with a cup of rice. Then the sushi platter was served. The matsuzaka is the speciality to recommend. You will surely remember the melting moment after it hits the tongue.


For any of you who come over here for lunch, the restaurant provides a Donburi meal for you. Donburi or rice and sauced meat in a huge bowl is rich in flavours and full in quantity. I had tried the Donburi with grilled eel marinated with soy sauce. The rice was suitably sticky and soft, and a sweet yakitori sauce brushed over the eel masterfully drizzled over the rice.


Unlike boisterous ramen shops, Nippon Kai Market is all about classics, freshness and simplicity in design. The dark grey space is frilled by comfortable seats and lacquered ceramics, while a wide selection of wine and soju or sake is optional for you. You’ll also be given a card with gram collections which allows you to claim a special reward later afterwards. Nippon Kai Market is located on Thonglor, 9:53 Art Mall. Parking is available.

Text by Sutthimas Roongwitoo / Photos by Rachapant Sukrattanachaikul
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