The dazzling annual event at Dasada Gallery has vividly taken place once again, with an extravaganza glimpse of the flowers incorporated with cutting-edge presenting technology.
Leaving the chaotic Bangkok behind, we pleasantly arrived at Dasada Gallery in Prachinburithe grand hub for nature and flower lovers. Throughout January and February 2018, the annual floral festival is astonishingly happen – this year under the “Once Flower Upon a Time” theme. We could sense the magnificent display of flowers soon after the buggy brought us to the Dasada Gallery. The great varieties of Phalaenopsis in impressive size and amount welcomed us in glee while the entrance to the Hall A was so inviting that we waited no time but proceeded in. The long table was cutely set with rabbit characters made from nature crops, and the table was adorned with numerous colorful flowers. I could not help but felt like being an Alice at a mad hatter tea party amidst a wonderland! Further in, Hall A features more corners to lure your spirit. They are great spots to be captured in frame, as well as to imbue each and every vigorous blooming flower.

Out from the Hall A, we wandered through the outdoor area where flowers are happily dwelling in fancy sets and scenes. Steps away sit the Hall B with the flower mapping – the premiere and the only place that displayed flower stories using a high technology technique. Apart from the stunning illusion of flowers on the screen, the flower arrangements in Hall B took my breath away. With such beauty of flowers, I am certain that it takes major time and caring, as well as expense, to craft each and every single bud to bloom perfectly.

Complacence from the freshness of nature, we took a break at one of the paramount spots in Dasada Gallery, The Dome Café, to lavish homemade Floral Gelato – my pick was Hydrangea Mint and it was refreshing as well as tasteful. From here, you could sit back and relax while looking out to the serene nature before continuing your journey to the magnificent Dasada Field, where three gigantic teddy bears awaited to offer warm greetings.

Another not-to-be-missed spot is the Chrysanthemum plantation, with over 50 breeds of sought after full bloom Chrysanthemums in diverse hues. Dasada obtains the one and only licencse to display these in Thailand and it is worth all the effort, I would say, as the rows after rows of healthy Chrysanthemum were really enchanting, so that you could forget everything while lavishing them. If walking through the provided lane has worn you out, The Glass House Café in the heart of the plantation provides comfy seating and serves also Floral Gelato and drinks.

Before dusk, we recommend you hit Bloom @ Dasada to experience the finest cuisine with flower- inspired menu in at- ease atmosphere. Though the food was mouthwatering and the view was tempting, we could not spend the whole evening there as there’re still something special waiting to be explored! Unveiled after the sun bid adieu are the Night Light in the Garden, the Lighten Dome & French Garden that feature 360 degrees of sparkling lights, and last but not least, the Flower Musical Dancing Fountain, which is designed by the world’s renowned Wet Design. The fantastic fountain show wowed audiences of all ages with light and sound effects, especially the amusing popular songs that we could sing along to happily. The Flower Musical Dancing Fountain did put a memorable wrap up to the experience at Dasada, be it for a day trip from Bangkok or an overnight escape from the concrete city.

Text by Natasha P
Photos by Purin Arunjit

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