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Cutting through the centre of the most vibrant business area in town, Thonglor Road represents best Bangkok’s urban lifestyle venue. No doubt it is also the best place to open up some chic diners and make money from them. That’s why lots of plazas and eateries are emerging consistently throughout the road, including this latest community mall where good meal is not uncommon to be found, The Commons.


The Commons is designed to be a space for family and community activities. With wooden floors and green spaces throughout the place, especially on the top yard, a cosy and warm atmosphere is the first impression, as well as in its eateries which are casual dining. From a stand-alone restaurant to a proper stall in the market zone with eating space blending in the centre and upstairs, there will definitely be something to trigger your appetite.



To provide simple happiness through good food and coffee is the founding idea of Roast and that motto can be sensed from the decoration, which gives the feeling of a lazy Sunday whenever you step in. An open kitchen (with glass) to the outside also attracts passers-by to adore its all-day breakfast, juicy burgers and house-made fries.


Absolute Fit Food

Eating like normal but without trans-fat, Absolute Fit Food can cook everyday foods in the healthier way. Using natural and organic ingredients is the heart of its cooking as well as well-selected substitutes such as brown/red/Jasberry rice instead of the white one, or unrefined sugar and honey instead of the refined one.


The Lobster Lab

A lobster and a glass of Lab-Made Cloudy Lemonade: what a perfect leisure meal of the day! Think carefully before making your order because variations of lobster on the menu may lure you to think twice – large split lobster, lobster roll, or lobster and spaghetti all sound too good to miss. Freshness is guaranteed.


The Beer Cap

A wide range of international and domestic beers and ciders can be found here at The Beer Cap, and a plenty of various beer caps as the decoration seems to support its credibility as a beer specialist. Craft beers are the main focus which are both available on tap and bottle. Find your favourite by asking for the recommendation or choose from the long list of available beers.


Maison Jean Philippe

In The Commons’ market, a small French artisan bakery is waiting to fulfil your day. Scrupulously made and baked in the traditional French style, the bread is ready to serve with the crunchy skin and soft but bubbly texture inside. Other baked goods, such as croissants and tarts, are also popular, especially when it is ordered as an eat-in pairing with a cup of coffee from the speciality roaster next door.

335 Soi Thonglor 17, Klongton Nue, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
T: +66 (0) 89 152 2677

Text by Varistha Borkird / Photos by Pimlada Thanachotnitiwat + Rachapant Sukrattanachaikul
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