Thai Taste Hub at The King Power Rangnam

Just like a dream come true! Thailand’s best street food all assembled together at one stop The King Power Rangnam! Now you do not have to travel, scatter, struggle and be in queues all around Bangkok just to have the best tastes. What is better than finding the best foods at one stop with a comfortable seating and convenient parking?

The King Power Rangnam proudly presents their new project which brings the best street food inside a department store. On the third floor of the newly decorated King Power Rangnam lies 17 street food restaurants in one area called – THAI TASTE HUB. Let us take you to each one of them:

#1 Han Tha Din Dang

Background: 25 year-old man invested 20-30 baht and in 1921, he had a small stall selling Chinese Goose Stew using his secret family recipe. When he turned 45, he opened a small shop. After getting a good response it was expanded to Tenant building in 1972. Then the old man died, passing on his restaurant to his elder son, which was later passed on to his younger brother. Today, the fourth generation is operating the restaurant with the same original delicious secret family recipe!

Recommended Menu: Goose Feet with egg noodle

Price Range: Starting from THB 100

#2 Thai Street Food by Asian Corner

Background: Thai Street Food by Asian Corner is one stop for the entire local food highlight. King Power assembled general famous Thai local food in one stop. You’ll find menu like Tom Yum Koong, Stir fried basil, Pork Satay and fried morning glory. Other than that you can also have sushi and sashimi here.

Recommended Menu: Rice Topped with Stir-fried Kurobuta Basil & Crispy Egg

Price Range: Starting from THB 90

#3 King River Prawn

Background: King River Prawn from Ayutthaya is one of the highlights of Asia Hub. You can now have fresh prawn from Ayutthaya straight to Rangnam which comes in three sizes – L, XL and XXL. You can dip this fresh and natural sweet prawn into spicy seafood sauce and enjoy every bite of it!

Recommended Menu: The famous grilled Thai King River prawn

Price Range: Starting from THB 189

#4 Kahmooh Chula Samyan

Background: Kahmooh Chula got its name from its first branch that was situated right next to Chulalongkorn University. In 1987, Mr. Manas Phuemthongin was the first man to bring this delicious taste to the public. With more than 3 decades of experience, today Kahmooh Chula has many branches and is sold in different department stores.

Recommended Menu: Stewed pork leg on rice

Price Range: Starting from THB 60

#5 Buntudthong Fish Balls

Background: With more than 80 years of experience Buntudthong Fish Balls is one of the oldest noodle restaurants in Thailand. They have their unique particular way of preparing their noodles with 100% fresh fish balls. The fish ball does not contain any mixture of flour or any harmful chemicals.  They guarantee fresh, clean and delicious fish ball noodles!

Recommended Menu: Yentafo (Noodle with pickled tofu red sauce)

Price Range: Starting from THB 40

#6 Kwaychap Hongte

Background: Kwaychap Hongte is another name for the legendary Kwaychap Silom. They claim that change in the name does not affect the taste! Started at the footpath on Silom road to long queues of customer waiting, today it is situated in King Power Rangnam. It is very well-cleaned and has various choices for the customers but all the choices guarantees good taste.

Recommended Menu: Chinese roll noodle soup

Price Range: Starting from THB 60

#7 Rongmuang Kao Lao

Background: With almost 70 years of experience, now being looked after by the third generation, Rongmuang Kao Lao started near Hua Lamphong. Now you can only have it in The King Power Rangnam. It serves the authentic beef noodles with a small bowl of spicy sauce in which you can dip the beef in. It has various menus in different price range.

Recommended Menu: Beef Noodles

Price Range: Starting from THB 75

#8 Thipsamai Pra Tu Phee

Background: Thipsamai Pra Tu Phee got its name from the location it was first based in – Pra Tu Phee (Ghost gate) and the first chef named Samai Baisamut. The cost of one plate started as 1.50 THB. From then until now, Thipsamai Pra Tu Phee has gained a lot of popularity and there is hardly anyone including tourists in Thailand who isn’t familiar with the name!

Recommended Menu: Padthai with shrimp oil and fresh deep-sea prawns wrapped with egg

Price Range: Starting from THB 75

#9 Karim Roti Mataba

Background: The classic Karim Roti and Mataba Restaurant on Phra Athit Road is now in King Power Rangnam. Mr. Abdul Karim who came from Bangladesh during the Second World War established the restaurant in 1984. Since then until now many new different dishes has been added to the menu. Today it is very famous among locals and tourists.

Recommended Menu: Mataba

Price Range: Starting from THB 17

#10 Farmfactory

Background: Farmfactory is owned by Boonchana Akvanich, who’s also behind the Secret Salad farm in Phuket with 100% non-toxic and hydroponic veggie farm. This healthy salad is a mixture of local and overseas veggies plus a different range of dressings. They serve simple, healthy and tasty good. With today’s trend of eating organic food, farmfactory is the answer for many fitness freak or health lovers!

Recommended Menu: Magic Bowl

Price Range: Starting from THB 129

#11 Dim Sum Bistro by Chef Pom

Background: Thai Chef Thanarak Chuto or Chef Pom has been cooking for more than 30 years. Starting from a teenage boy who opted out of school, to helper in the kitchen, then to executive Sous Chef and Corporate Chef; step-by-step Chef Pom has built a very well-known name and reputation in the society. The only thing that matters to him the most is customer’s satisfaction!

Recommended Menu: Steamed bun with Taro lava

Price Range: Starting from THB 32

#12 Yanwo Haochi

Background: This is a Chinese dessert café from China Town that sells authentic desserts. In China Town, only lucky people gets the seat. Unlucky ones have to wait for long line and then eat it while walking. Thanks to King Power Rangnam, now you can have it without much trouble!

Recommended Menu:  Assorted cereal with Chinese herbs in syrup with ice

Price Range: Starting from THB 30

#13 HOT FRIED by the Emerald 1992

Background: With 25 years of experience, The Emerald Hotel presents ‘Hot Fried by The Emerald 1992’. They are at the King Power with special desserts which are made off authentic secret recipe.

Recommended Menu: Kalorjee

Price Range: Starting from THB 65

#14 All Coco

Background: All Coco is the brainchild of the coconuts lover who has founded K Fresh Company producing and distributing fresh Nam Hom Coconuts since August 2004. All Coco is established from the commitment to create creative products from Nam Hom Coconuts in the global market

Recommended Menu: Coco Snowflake

Price Range: Starting from THB 55

#15 Mr.Pramuan’s Khanom Khrok

Background: Mr.Pramuan’s Thai coconut rice pudding pancakes has its own unique taste. The recipe from his grandma has been adjusted and adapted and today he has many customers who love the taste of his pancakes. His coconut rice pudding pancakes are crispy and soft. The specialty is the aromatic fragrance of coconut and pandan mixed in the flour. His pancakes consist of 5 flavors- taro, corn, pumpkin, onion and coconut milk.

Recommended Menu: Thai coconut rice pudding pancakes

Price Range: Starting from THB 50

#16 Lamai Hoithod Yaowarat

Background: Lamai Hoithod straight from China Town to the Thai Taste Hub in King Power Rangnam. Inspite of selling on a small cart, it is very famous in China Town and people wait in long lines for this. They serve you fresh oysters. These oysters taste good in whatever way you eat. The best taste is when you dip it into spicy sauce. The dishes are served to you in hot pans. You cannot stop yourself from drooling when you see it!

Recommended Menu: Fried Rice Noodles with Seafood Gravy

Price Range: Starting from THB 70

#17 Thai Scala Shark fin

Background: With more than 50 years of experience, Thai Scala Shark’s Fin Restaurant has been serving customers with different kinds of exquisite shark’s fin soup. It has been prepared with secret recipes handed down from generations. They have earned the best reputation in town with the use of the best ingredients and cooking techniques.

Recommended Menu: Kale with Oyster Sauce

Price Range: Starting from THB 198

Other than these, King Power also has 11 Restaurants and Cafes on the very same floor. You could dine in at Brekkie Organic Café & Juice Bar, El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse, Koi The, Make Me Mango, Nantsuttei, Nara, PABLO Mini, Pinkberry, QQ Taiwanese Dessert, Starbucks and Peace Oriental Teahouse. Each of these restaurants and cafes has an exclusive menu that is only available at King Power Rangnam.

Do not forget to go check it out!

Text by Sawita Rattivarakorn
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