Surprising Appetite!

Ever wondered how varied your group of friends are at the dinner table?

That friend how needs to take that #foodstagram, or the one who always suggests the hawker. According to the latest poll by ZUJI Singapore, 58% of Singaporeans prefers to have a taste of dishes that are uniquely local when they travel.

Themed “Five Types of Foodie Travellers”, 768 Singapore-based travellers participated in the poll, also known as ZUJI-dex, responding to a series of questions identifying what type of foodie traveller they are, including the urge to perfect a #foodstagram on social media and their willingness to try bizarre foods (think half-developed embryos).

To Eat or to Take a Pic, That is the Question

With the advent of social media, the need for a good #foodstagram has become a mandatory duty for the army of foodie Instagrammers that makes up 21% of Singaporeans. This gives street cred for those who tirelessly venture for the most visually stunning “works-of-art” that would be immortalised online.

How Much Do We Like Our Money Bags?

  • The saying that the national culture is “eating” isn’t a myth. Close to 50% of Singaporean travellers are willing to spend an average of SGD21-50 on meals overseas, with only 5% willing to spend a maximum of SGD10 per head.
  • Surprisingly, not all atas foodies are willing to reach deeper into their pockets to get their hands on those delectable cuisines. Out of the 52 atas foodies surveyed in this poll, as much as 44% of them will not be keen to spend above SGD50 for meals overseas.
  • While local foodies are all about street foods and local authentic fare, 20% out of the 449 local foodies polled are surprisingly willing to part with SGD50 and above to satisfy their cravings.Beyond Just the Food
  • Finally there is one thing that men and women can agree on – they are not as fussed when it comes to selecting an eatery. 44% of Singapore-based travellers shared that as long as there is decent food in a clean place, the rest does not matter.
  • Surprisingly, out of the 161 Insta(gram) foodies surveyed, only less than half (33%) favoured an eatery’s popularity on social media and choose to generally be in the spotlight for all things food.

It’s Crunchy, It Tastes Like Popcorn, WHAT! A CRICKET!

  • Looks like it is going to be tough to find ‘the next Andrew Zimmern’ in Singapore. Singaporean-based travellers are still looking very conservative when it comes to being a dare-devil at trying bizarre food, as 60% said; “Eew, no thanks!”.
  • Interestingly, out of the 52 gung-ho foodies polled, only a mere 17% actually embrace the YOLO mentality.
  • On the contrary, almost half (38%) out of 52 atas foodies surveyed are willing to step outside their comfort zone by trying bizarre food or simply embracing the YOLO mentality.
  • But there may be a slight chance that the adventurous spirit in Singaporean-travellers is shifting, with 20% indicating that they would not mind overcoming fears, one insect and organ at a time.

The Social Media Experts

  • Looks like efficiencies run in the blood of most Singapore-based travellers. 65% indicated that they will take no more than 10 minutes to create a #foodstagram, with almost half (48%) of them taking only a minute or less to snap a #foodstagram. It is all about being chop chop, making the food pretty, snap, eat, #repeat!
  • Surprisingly, it is not only women who are conscious about aesthetics, as there is only a mere 10% difference between genders who would take five minutes to whatever it takes to get that perfect #foodstagram shot!
  • However, amidst the food aesthetics frenzy, 22% of those polled shared that it’s all about the food for them, so no cameras needed before digging in!

Knowing what travel foodie type you are is the first step; now you have to go forth and explore the world and find what you desire most!

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