Are you an art appreciator? Or else, are you a food lover? Whether your answers are yes or either, this is your destination. Strolling along Chidlom Road, you will be stopped by the striking façade labelled ‘Stone and Star’. Seat yourself on a cosy sofa under the starry ceiling whilst keeping your eyes on the quaintly painted wall behind the counter bar, and soak up the avant-garde yet cosy ambience.

The recently launched ‘Stone and Star’ creatively and subtly applies art with dining experience: from preparing, cooking, plating, to eating. Lunch or dinner here is thus like a grand performance. Begin your episode going through the whimsical menu, which introduces you to a wide range of choices, from street food to fine dining, entirely prepared from premium ingredients.

Lure your appetite with creamy lobster or truffle soup sided with crispy bread. Expect tangible pieces of lobster or truffle during your chew – not only an alluring smell. An intimate Som-Tam (spicy papaya salad) comes in a slaver, along with an array of side dishes: roasted chicken, salted egg, rice noodles, and fresh vegetables.

Enjoy your guilty pleasure when tasting spiced pork crackling, in which fried pork crackling and pork belly get mixed with fried garlic and chili. And don’t count the calories when the next dish follows: spaghetti with crispy pork, bacon and sausage.

A traditional Pad-Thai becomes trendy when served on a decorative plate, enhanced with gigantic lobster.

Likewise, an ordinary Tom-Yum (spicy soup) becomes extraordinary with distinctive flavours, overwhelming seafood and a bonus: unlimited instant noodles! Last but not least, luscious spiced roasted lamb ribs are a thumbs up that you cannot miss, served with three varied choices of flavourful dips.

Not only enchanting dishes of food, gorgeous glasses of drink are also the highlight of ‘Stone and Star’. Amber Myth could be a good choice for the non-alcoholic: it harmoniously blends salted pickled plum, sour passion fruit and sweet syrup together. Or Ruby Sky is the right guy for berry lovers as various sweet and sour berries are mingled.

For the alcoholic, ‘Stone and Star’ proudly presents the universe of colourful cocktails with fanciful titles: Milky Way, Sputnik, Across the Universe, or SN1006.

‘Stone and Star’ opens the door for lunch and dinner daily from 11am till midnight (1 a.m. on Fri-Sat nights). You probably spend a lunchtime with your family on weekends, or hang out with friends after work under a zillion stars, lulled by the tender sound of unceasing songs, and indulged with flavours of passion.

7 Chidlom Road,
Bangkok, Thailand 10400

T: +66 (0) 9 7168 6072

Text by Thanisara Ruangdej
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