Starbucks Cherry Blossom Season

Starbucks is now serving ‘Strawberry Honey Blossom Crème Frappuccino’

Adding more excitement to life with a blush pink collection that hails the arrival of cherry blossoms.

Starbucks Coffee (Thailand) welcomes the spring and brings the cherry blossom season to life with its new ‘Strawberry Honey Blossom Crème Frappuccino’. Taking its cue from the pastel pink sakura or cherry blossom petals, the delightful strawberry and vanilla blended beverage is topped with honey-flavored whipped cream and finished with a sprinkle of freeze-dried strawberries and crunchy pink rice puffs. Available for a limited time only, you can sample the refreshing beverage at all Starbucks stores nationwide from today until 23 April 2018.

Starbucks Drinkware Collection

Starbucks also honors the cherry blossom season with a range of limited-edition merchandise on the theme ‘Spring Sakura’. This blush pink and misty lilac collection is inspired by the glorious morning sunlight and a night sky full of shooting stars.

  • Pink Mug Set with Saucer 10 oz. with cherry blossom embossing. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages, it is priced at 950 THB.
  • Pink Ceramic Mug 12 oz. decorated with white and gold cherry blossoms and a gold- enameled lid. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages, it costs 950 THB.
  • Double-Layered Stainless-Steel Gray Rain Tumbler 12 oz. comes in gray-purple with a pink cherry blossom design and a gold shooting star. The price is 950 THB.
  • Double-Layered Stainless-Steel Pink Blossom Tumbler 16 oz. in a pink gradient and painted with pink cherry blossoms and a light pink lid. It is priced at 1,150 THB.

  • Double-Layered Floating Flowers Plastic Tumbler 12 oz. with a 3D cherry blossom design around the bottom. It costs 600 THB.
  • Double-Layered Weeping Willow Plastic Tumbler 16 oz. with a bouquet of pink cherry blossom against a starry night sky. Suitable for hot and cold beverages, it is priced at 480 THB.
  • Pink Blossom Bottle 16 oz. with pink cherry blossom pattern. It can be used for hot and cold beverages and is priced at 550 THB.

Starbucks Spring Season Blend Coffee

Starbucks presents ‘Starbucks® Spring Season Blend’, combining customers’ all-time favourite coffees to deliver a complex yet balanced profile. The blends include Ethiopian sun-dried beans with a striking flourish of dark cherry; aged Sumatra, loved for its syrupy body and cedary spice notes; juicy herbal and complex coffees from Papua New Guinea; and brightly balanced and nutty coffee from Colombia.

The Spring Season Blend will be available in the following formats for customers to enjoy at home:

  • Starbucks® Origami Spring Season Blend – Priced at 400 THB
  • Starbucks® Spring Season Blend – Priced at 650 THB
  • Starbucks® VIA® Spring Season – Priced at 450 THB

Starbucks Food Menu Origami

Starbucks’ food menu also evokes the Spring with such highlights as

  • Plain Bagel Ball filled with cream cheese. Priced at 55 THB.
  • Spinach Danish light puff pastry filled with spinach and cheese. Priced at 85 THB.
  • Ham Cheese Pretzel Stick Priced at 85 THB.
  • Margherita Flat Bread with pizza sauce, tomatoes, cheese and sweet basil, it’s perfect for vegetarians. Priced at 75 THB.
  • Tortilla Wrap with Chicken Bolognaise with a perfect blend of tomatoes, onions and a variety of spices. Priced at 95 THB.