Stanley Mini Venture

Have you ever dreamed what it would be like to walk around many towns in a single day? This incredulous dream can come true at Stanley Mini Venture, located at Gateway Ekamai Shopping Centre in one of the buzzing parts of Bangkok. The family attraction is one of the largest miniature towns in the world! Divided into 11 zones with much to be discovered, please join our short walkthrough below to whet your appetite for your full tour.

1# Resource Town

Stanley Mini Venture’s first zone introduces you to a town of natural resources that includes a tin mine, gold mine and construction site. You will also come across a miniature of the world-famous Hoover Dam here.

2# Organic Farm

Carry on and you will enjoy a change of scenery with these replicated gardens, fields and farm. The greenery is so real that you will feel intimately connected with nature. Do not miss the wind turbines.

3# Residential and Historical Town

Move on to the towns on western continents dating back to the Industrial Era. You will be fascinated by the different townscapes of old England and America. The miniature cities here have been accurately reconstructed from the real city plans, and so intriguing they beg to be captured on camera.

4# Transportation and Entertainment

Follow the railway until you reach the town of fun – packed with a theme park, ferris wheel, concert arena and an enormous stadium. Also explore the round house that is used as the train dock, with its detailed miniature bogies.

5# Desert

Join the caravan of midget merchants crossing the sands and heading towards the alluring oasis at its centre. Watch out for the safari animals on display nearby such as zebra, hippopotamus, giraffe – and even dinosaurs!

6# Beach       

The seashore town really seems serene and breezy, and you’ll easily imagine waves crashing as you observe the realistic, clear water and glistening beach. You’ll also be able to explore a shipwreck at the bottom of a deep ocean, and sight many adorable underwater creatures.

7# Cave

Experience a taste of pre-historical times in the cave, where its darkness makes imaginations fly. Everything becomes an unexpected possibility – meeting fiery dragons or cavemen, finding seagulls’ nests or fictional plants… and more!

8# Port

At this snow-covered shipping port you’ll see the clear reflection of cargo ships on the surface of the still water, and sight penguins and polar bears. The port is full of cranes for cargo containers and shuttle ski-lifts.

9# Airport

Airplane model lovers will love this zone, in which an airport is replicated as well as plenty of airplane models from different airlines, plus a collection of military jets that is a must-see. The models are displayed in action e.g. take-off and landing.

10# CBD Business Area

Move on to the metropolis, which is crammed with skyscrapers. The world’s most famous high-rises are gathered here including the Chrysler Building, Oakland Tower, Empire State, World Financial Center and Metlife Building.

11# Very Thai

End your full tour of Stanley Mini Venture at this zone with its clones of Thai highlights, such as the Democracy Monument, Chatuchak Market, Floating Market, Ancient tram and tuk-tuk. Enjoy comparing the miniatures with the real thing!