Spring Season in Japan

Prince Hotels & Resorts, the leading hotel chain in Japan, which has 43 hotels, 28 golf courses and 9 ski resorts throughout Japan, recommended the special plan available only spring season for Thai travelers to enjoy the real Japanese culture and seasonal nature.

In Japan, the cold season of winter has ended in about April, and spring comes wrapped in calm and warm sunshine. New leaves and colorful flowers begin to bloom, the flowering of cherry blossoms progressing from the south to the north, people will go out for cherry-blossom viewing.

At the Prince Hotel, we are preparing various plans on the theme of “landscape” “history” “gourmet” to our guests to enjoy such spring in Japan.

To enjoy scenery, one of best activity is seeing a snow wall in the Shiga-Kusatsu Highlands Route of the highest national highway which can only see at this season. It is located approximately 35 minutes by car from Tsumagoi Prince Hotel, locates in highland surrounded by beautiful mountain including national park.

Additionally, you may stay at Naeba Prince Hotel and join the Skytour by Dragondola plan to appreciate the scenery that can be seen only in this season, such as beautiful fresh green and majestic mountain ranges riding on “Dragon Dora” the longest in Japan or take a plan of Kawana hotel where you can enjoy hot spring and various cherry blossoms from early blooming cherry blossoms such as Somei Yoshino. Including cake set at the beautiful tea room “Sun parlor

If you are interested about history, you would definitely like a plan of Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel to travel around three famous head temple of a Buddhist sect and benefits at surrounding facilities and shops. Or you may enjoy to Travel around “Obi” known as Little Kyoto in Kyusyu while staying at Nichinankaigan Nango Prince Hotel.

For Gourmet, you will have a chance to try a limited French dishes using the local fresh ingredients to taste the seasons at the lake side auberge at Towada Prince Hotel. Or you can enjoy “Nagoya meshi (Nagoya Cuisine)” and buffet breakfast while watching the city of Nagoya from the ground floor 140 meters, 31st floor of latest hotel under Prince Group “Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower

Please see more information of all plans at http://www.princehotels.com