Hot on the global co-working trend, Spaces offers Bangkokians flexible working options!

Amsterdam-based creative workspace pioneer Spaces opens its first Thailand location in Bangkok’s Summer Hill community mall at BTS Phra Khanong today. The convenient location provides 1,260 sqm of sleek and inspiring office space, including 334 desks and three meeting rooms.

The innovative Dutch concept at the forefront of the rapidly changing work landscape which has seen the number of flexible workplaces increase by 20 percent worldwide in the last 12 months and that number looks set to grow, with statistics from the 2017 Global Co-working Survey by finding that 1.2M people worldwide have worked in a co-working space. The survey from Spaces also found that:

  • 69 percent of millennials will trade other work package benefits for a better workplace
  • 53 percent of professionals now work remotely for at least half their working week
  • 58 percent of business people prefer flexibility in the workplace
  • 84 percent believe flexibility in workplace improves productivity
  • 66 percent feel flexibility in the workplace can improve work-life balance
  • 55 percent believe flexibility in the workplace improves travel schedules

Hot on this trend, Spaces is geared towards creating a dynamic, entrepreneurial community and offers a number of flexible working solutions:

  • Business Club is a sociable area for meeting new people, co-creating, idea-sharing and networking
  • Office space, which can be scaled and designed to fit company needs
  • Membership provides access to all worldwide Spaces locations starting from THB 4,620 a month
  • Meeting room space can also be rented out

Moreover, the philosophy of Spaces is under the concept of Spaces’ Dutch design for a natural fit in Thailand – with chic whites, woods and tropical plants – are designed to inspire and to nurture the innovative and social working atmosphere of Spaces.

Spaces Summer Hill, located on the 3rd floor of Bangkok’s newest retail hub, there is equipped with a variety of work spaces, and is ideal for those seeking an optimal work-life balance. As it is located just steps from BTS Phra Khanong and contains a stimulating mixture of residential and office buildings, Summer Hill’s convenient location, open-plan design and ample open space make it the perfect environment for city workers to feel inspired, and get their creative juices flowing.

Ms. Noelle Coak, Country Head for Thailand, Taiwan and Korea of Spaces, says, “The workplace is rapidly evolving, and there are a number of factors driving this trend. New technologies enable us the freedom to be highly mobile, conduct business remotely and still be very ‘present’. Additionally, the nature of business is changing. We’re seeing more startups that are looking for flexible workplaces that allow them to scale up or down without having to sign a multi-year commitment. Multinationals with satellite offices also seek these flexible work space solutions that allow for cost saving and operational efficiency. Another driver is the millennial worker, who expects a social and creative working hub – one that forward-thinking employers are happy to provide.”

The open-plan, spacious design offers an inspiring workplace that’s further strengthened by one of Bangkok’s best-known cafes. Spaces has teamed up with Rocket X, to open its first café within the work space to kick-start their days and add fuel to their creative fires. The café will also provide catering for the meeting rooms and for events. Furthermore, Spaces’ second Bangkok location, at Chamchuri Square, is expected to be complete by May 2018.

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