She’s Mercedes

A special talk session entitled “From Great to The Best” initiates this global platform to encourage Thai women to make the best of themselves. Astonishing stories are related by four prominent Thai women, namely Ms. Chortip Songwatana Vudhibhong, Bibury Coln founder; Ms. Maneerut Anulomsombut, CEO of Garena Online (Thailand) Limited; Ms. Rarin Thongma, founder of O&B; and Ms.Panida Iemsirinoppakul, founding editor of Yayee Publishing House. The talk at GISMO, Sukhumvit 39, hosted renowned women and honored guests including Ms. Apinara “Prang”Srikanjana, Ms. Pichaya “Chef Pam” Utharntharm, and Ms. Karatphet “Plakem” Issara.

Mr. Michael Grewe, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, began: “As Mercedes-Benz is a leading name in Thai premium automotive category, we therefore never stop offering ‘THE BEST’ to our customers today and tomorrow. We continue to utilize our tried-and-tested unification of sales, marketing, and after-sales under ‘Best Customer Experience’ strategy as this ensures our customers the best-in-class and most personalized experience.”

“The ‘She’s Mercedes’ global platform is part of our strategy and is being carried through to its second year as a platform to communicate and engage directly between women and the brand Mercedes-Benz. This global platform aims to build a female network that is enriched with opportunities to create and share inspirational stories and to make us be recognized as a premium automotive brand that is deeply associated with Thai women.” added Mr. Grewe.“We realize that women play an important role in our brand today and will continue to be in the future. Therefore, we plan to increase the proportion of female customers by 2020.”

Mr. Frank Steinacher, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, continued: “The press function today marks the official launch of ‘She’s Mercedes’ global platform in Thailand and we are honored by the presence of five iconic Thai women namely Ms. Araya ‘Chompoo’ A. Hargate, brand ambassador of Mercedes-Benz Thailand; Ms. Chortip Songwatana Vudhibhong, an owner of Bibury Coln; Ms. Maneerut Anulomsombut, CEO of Garena Online (Thailand) Limited; Ms. Rarin Thongma, founder of O&B online shoes and accessories brand; and Ms. Panida Iemsirinoppakul, founding editor of Yayee Publishing House.

They kindly join us on stage toshare their work and life experiencesunder ‘From Great to the Best’concept. This talk session truly reveals interesting insights about their determination and resilience from their early days until becoming paramount figures in their careers. Their success stories should spark fire in hearts of Thai women so they can be the best in their own styles, matching with Mercedes-Benz’s motto of ‘The Best or Nothing’”.

“We proudly present an online film titled ‘The Face of She’s’ as a highlight of ‘She’s Mercedes’ in 2018. It outlines the motivations of our five leading figures who are the face of our campaign. The online film can be seen online at Mercedes-Benz Thailand official Facebook page and Youtube channel,”Mr. Steinacherelaborated. “In addition, we will organize a workshop named ‘She’s Mercedes Workshop’ as a part of ‘She’s Mentoring Program’in which participants will be coached by Ms. Chortip Songwatana Vudhibhong, Ms. Maneerut ‘Nok’ Anulomsombut, Ms. Rarin ‘Tar’ Thongma, and Ms. Panida ‘Tookta’ Iemsirinoppakul. The workshop will continue to be organized throughout the year with different concepts to empower Thai women and push them to the top of their pyramid of life. Last but not least, we will launch a new Facebook group called ‘She’s Mercedes Thailand’to share inspirational stories online and can serve as a centralized platform for forward-thinking women to exchange views and experiences. It is also for updates regarding the She’s Mercedes global platform as well as workshops.”

Ms. Chortip Songwatana Vudhibhong, Bibury Coln’s owner explained her behind-the-scene experiences in management from the first day until her brand became internationally recognized: “Nothing can stop you from reaching your goal if you do not give up. Nonetheless, you must encounter failure if you really want to get what you want. You can learn lots of things from your mistakes and lessons from your errors can benefit you in a long run.”

Ms. Maneerut Anulomsombut, CEO of Garena Online (Thailand) Limited, shared her thinking that shapes her profession milestone: Garena started off as a small digital startup through the determination and unyielding minds of only few people despite the struggles that almost made us stop trying. Now we are a trusted name among consumers which allows us to expand the business. We realized that success is endless. Moreover, accomplishments are infinite and we can learn or grow as long as we keep learning. A new window of opportunity can always be opened if you have strong commitment and willpower.”

Ms. Rarin Thongma, founder of O&B online shoes and accessories brand, unveiled her courageous path to drive her brand forward: “I think one should not be afraid

to do something. If you want to start your own business, you may be warned or discouraged by others but you must be certain on your plan and execute it with no hesitation. Voices from others may frighten you but your inner voice, if you are determined, will keep asking you if you would regret not following your own dream for the rest of your life. Before O&B became a trusted brand by customers from every corner of the world, I listened to my inner voice and it is my true encouragement as it always motivates me to do whatever it takes to build O&B and tackle all problems.”

Ms. Panida Iemsirinoppakul, founding editor of Yayee Publishing House, revealed her outside-the-box thinking to differentiate her publishing house: “Success does not necessarily associate with business. Sometimes it is also about how to make people around you happy. There are many people who think that I have a gift in writing and telling interesting stories, but it is actually more about imagination and creativity. Therefore, we should always fill ourselves with new inspirations and search for different story-telling angles to make our stories even more intriguing. I truly hope that every book that I have written will more or less create happiness and trigger inspirations in readers.”