Set to be Thailand’s most instagrammable event of the year, the 5km run emphasises FUN, is open for anyone of all ages and sizes, and is where runners get “glowed” in special Blacklight ZonesTM.

Run. Glow. Party. Let us break it down for you.

RUN. It’s a 5km run at night. You can walk, jog, run, or crawl if you wish. The focus is on fun, there’s no timing and the start/ finish is at Makkasan Airport Rail Link.

GLOW. Along the 5km course are Blacklight ZonesTM where people get GlowedTM. What is GlowedTM? Simply put, you will be showered in coloured powder – green, pink, orange – at the Blacklight ZonesTM. But this is no ordinary powder. This is special Skechers Blacklight RunTM UV Neon Glow Powder that glows in the high beam blacklights in each zone. Thinking of trying this at home? It won’t work. You have to be at the Skechers Blacklight RunTM for this unique experience.

Blacklights + UV Neon Glow Powder = Glow-in-the-dark fun never seen before in Thailand.


PARTY. The Skechers Blacklight Run After PartyTM is legendary and is included in the ticket price. All “Glowers” can enjoy the “Glow Throw” – an explosion of UV Neon Glow Powder every 15 minutes – and get down to the sick beats of headliner DJ Kenneth G who is flying in from Amsterdam to spin on the main stage, supported by top DJ talent from around Thailand.

Already the talk-of-the-town, the Skechers Blacklight RunTM Thailand is going to be Thailand’s most instagrammable event of the year. Shower yourself in the UV Neon Glow Powder, snap a selfie and repeat. To get that perfect shot glowing against the blacklights, isn’t easy but it’s worth it. A selfie that cannot be shot anywhere else.


Want to get in on the action? It’s on Saturday 26th November. Head on over now to and sign up. There’s loads of swag on offer too! #blacklightrunthailand  #lightupyournight

For more information:
Instagram: @blacklightrun_th