Resort De Paskani

The ultimate goal of most trips is to recharge the energy and relax which is why the accommodation with guaranteed privacy like Resort de Paskani is the perfect answer to the finale holiday with exclusive vibe of the quiet private locale hidden along the edge of Khao Takiab (Chopstick Hill) beach, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan. Resort de Paskani is design with the Coastal Ethnic Chic approach in mind resulting in the luxurious and cozy accommodation with complete facilities for all lifestyles either it be the romanced filled couple trip, family outing, or fun trip with the gang – the latest chic hidden place of Hua Hin is the place to check in this season!

Panithi Jaovisidha, Managing Director of JAO Management Company Limited, developer of Resort de Paskani revealed that the charming character that makes Hua Hin, one of the most popular resort destinations and all-time favorite attraction for both Thai and international visitors alike together with the convenient location of only a couple of hours drive away from Bangkok, inspired the private haven of peace and quiet Resort de Paskani with its 30 units of accommodation along the Khao Takiab beach perfect for those seeking tranquility and heartwarming romantic vibe.

Resort de Paskani is a Coastal Ethnic Chic style resort inspired by the local Khao Takiab’s fisherman village under the concept “White Village by The Sea” resulting in the design of neighboring groups of cozy houses in the palette of blue and white surrounding the pool that acts as the bay and pier connecting the village to the vast ocean.

The skyline view at the edge of the sea complimented by split-level walkways and various spots for all aspects of the spectacular ocean-view opportunities such as relaxing beaches, viewpoints, photo spots all distinctively designed to incorporate nature-based materials and local handiworks including timber, robe, wicker work, hand weaved textile, seashells, corals, tree branches and twigs, and marine style appliances.

With the wellness of society and environment in mind, the resort supports local artists with material picking beach walk activity where the collected pieces are used to create novel artworks for the resort as part of sustainable planting of good conscience toward the ocean. Moreover, every inch of the roof at Resort De Paskani is fitted with the Solar Cell System panels to enable a self-generated energy that is clean and unpolluted for the project while also reducing usage of substantial amount of energy produced by the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) during daytime.

Recycling wise, the resort employs waste sorting system to help preserve the environment and set a good example for the community and planting the good conscience of responsibility toward the nature and the whole on all staff member.

All accommodations at Resort de Paskani are fitted with the perfect sea-view with open-air private balconies designed into 6 types of room including Deluxe Room Terrace, Pool Side, Pool View, Pool Access, Ocean View and Suites – each generously designed for the ultimate relaxing indulgence and comfortwith complete facilities for the perfect home away from home including wireless internet, minibar, TV, secure in-room safe, salt water pool, game room, and etc.

For the ultimate holiday vibe, Resort de Paskani introduces the restaurant and café combo Saloon de Paskani serving hefty Local Twisted Homestyle Food featuring the American breakfast stable Egg Benedict with perfectly cooked Poached Egg pair with the resort’s chef special dressing and leafy greens from the local organic farm along with Linguine Roasted Curry Crab with Seablite that is exclusively created as resort’s secret recipe.

Resort de Paskani readily welcomes travelers to enjoy the resort style vacation with distinctive accommodation services at Hua Hin beach.

Resort de Paskani
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