It’s not just speed you need to complete the trail – cheering skills come in handy too

What is The Heritage Race?

Honestly, at first, I had very few ideas about this race as it was held for the first time in Thailand, after two races in Singapore. With a little research, I found that The Heritage Race owns one specific goal: to unearth local stories while raising funds for the underprivileged.

Heritage Race 1

How was it going?

The race kicked off at Saranrom Park, located in the old quarter of Bangkok, on a Sunday morning. Some participants came alone, yet mostly in teams of two to six people. I felt a bit excited after my team’s registration, getting a ‘passport’ for the race on which there was a map with 16 marks. Within 120 minutes, we needed to visit all 16 stops, complete the challenges, get stamps from marshalls, and return to the starting point. So we took a brief moment to brainstorm the route and started running immediately after the whistle sounded.

Heritage Race 2

During those two hours, we ran around the very heart of Bangkok, discovering the unnoticeable stories of several historical spots that we have passed by so many times. And among the 16 stops, some surprised us with legendary flavours, making the race more fulfilling.

What impressed you the most during the race?

I would say the locals, absolutely. They were eager to give directions and help us complete the challenges. It was then I realised The Heritage Race did not only uncover local places, but also unveil the kindness of local people.

Heritage Race 3

When is the next race?

Further races is going to take place in other countries. Wherever there are people who wish to make a difference to means of travel and to the disadvantaged communities, the race can be organised. For any enquiries on the race, donations or required volunteers, visit

Text by Thanisara Ruangdej / Photos by Pimlada Thanachoknitiwat
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