Rare Snowfall

The unexpected and unpredictable is real! The biggest example today is the unusual climate. Our planet earth is getting rare snowfall in so many places. It snowed in these places where it never did for years.

#1 Rome

Picture Credit: vogue.com

Snow in Rome is rare as it last snowed there in 2012 and that was after nearly 30 years. Few days ago, the city witnessed 1.5 to 6 inches of deep snow. The Ancient city Rome turned into a winter wonderland after its heaviest snowfall in six years.

Picture Credit: thepointsguy.com

#2 Sahara Desert

Picture Credit: nbcnews.com

The hottest desert on planet was hit by the icy weather. Ain Sefra, Sahara desert had 16 inches of snow in January 2018. It was very surprising for the world as it is only the fourth snowfall in the past 37 years!

Picture Credit: mashable.com

#3 Florida, USA

Picture Credit: today.com

Few days ago, Florida got its first snowfall in almost 30 years. Hit by the ‘Winter Hurricane’ the Sunshine State – Florida has the rare snowfall and it left the citizens with joy and happiness!

Picture Credit: tbo.com