A sound mind in a sound body” – the coexistent soundness could be discovered at Amburaya Spa at InterContinental Pattaya Resort, the perfect place to elude other disturbing sounds.


With the vision of the turquoise-coloured ocean and the balmy feeling of the serene sea breeze, InterContinental Pattaya Resort unveils a wellness oasis for outright rejuvenation. Conveniently reachable from swamped city centre, here is your chance to rest your head and be surrounded by absolute placidity. Amburaya Spa is an extensive place decorated with natural woods and sumptuous fabrics in muted colours, offering superlative relaxation in six spacious, tropically themed treatment suites. Over 30 alternatives of treatments honestly fare well with extraordinary services, from massages, body and facial skin care, fragrant bathing, to seven-hour head-to-toe revitalisation. After a tiring week, this kind of total retreat was what my body had longed for.


Totally pacified, I immediately felt a beautiful release from all the hurry-scurry I have had before. Everyone I encountered – receptionist, masseuses, and other guests – radiated a sense of tranquil, with the sincere smiles painted on their faces. Comforting music in the background and the remedying sound of flowing water filled this place with a melodic kind of silence. After being warmly welcomed with a refreshing drink, a masseuse politely introduced herself and the scents of aromatic oil available here, and let me pick my own sensation. Wishing I could try all of them on my body, I eventually chose ‘Rice For Life’, the one with subtle jasmine and peppermint scents.


Out of the array of Asian and Western therapies, I tried the one-of-a-kind Amburaya Embrace massage, which could only be found here. The Amburaya Embrace is an ideal combination between Eastern and Western techniques, using Swedish, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, Japanese Siatsu and Thai traditional massages in harmony. After I entered a peaceful private room, I forgot the outside world for a long while. I especially loved the meditative sound of water which transported me to a sane state of mind, together with the calming music, where no other sounds dared to disturb me.

Comfortably lying prone, the masseuse gently rubbed my back with aromatic oils, gradually revealing its soothing smells of sweet jasmine and exhilarating peppermint, reminding me of a cup of warm, scented tea in a floral garden. The naturally extracted base oil was easily absorbed by the skin so there was no greasy feeling, with beauty benefits from Vitamin E. The rubbing on my back was so smooth that I almost fell asleep. My prolonged shoulder pain was obviously lightened, which was one of the most impressive parts. The masseuse did ease the strain of my arms, legs and feet as well. I am indeed a big fan of massages, but the touch Amburaya Embrace gave was merely like nowhere else.


From the very first moment I met the masseuse, I could feel her wholehearted care for what she was doing, and every movement of hers was very gentle. The weight of her fingers on my body was just right that she could very well relieve the strain, even though I told her nothing about my achy shoulder, as if she could read my mind.


I have tried figuring out the littlest irritation about this place in my memory, but I found none. It could be that a good time flew too fast and I wish I had stayed longer!


Undeniably, Amburaya Spa made my two days at InterContinental Pattaya Resort truly a restorative vacation. All treatments listed on the menu were so attractive that I would love to try as many as I can. Particularly, on my next visit, I would try The Spa Reviver – One Day package, which is a seven-hour whole body treatment with healthy food of guest’s choice. In the package, guests are exquisitely treated with aromatic foot bath, floral bath, body polish and wrap, massages, facial treatment, and many more prerogatives.


InterContinental Pattaya Resort

437 Phra Tamnak Road, Pattaya,

Chonburi 20150, Thailand

T: +66 (0) 38 259 888

W: pattaya.intercontinental.com/amburaya-spa