At The Pavilions Phuket, unwinding therapy is not just a plus, but a must, or else you could miss an opportunity for one of the best indulgences.


Serenely tucked away, The Pavilions Phuket is a leisurely sea-view delight that will always draw you back with its unparalleled seclusion. Apart from the intimate, private villas, The Pavilions Spa is a not-to-bemissed add-on to the hideaway vacation, offering luxurious Western and Thai treatments with highly professional therapists. But, as I experienced the massages here first-hand, I have come to understand that it’s not a boast at all, and the actual thing is even beyond expectations.


My first vision of this best-kept secret is sedative, with wooden passageways alongside tropical gardens, saluted by vibrant fancy carps. Inside the spa, everything looks so speckless with decorations in darkwood and white tones. Each room is satisfactorily spacious and airconditioned, so don’t worry about summertime heat. The spa also features a lap pool as well as yoga pavilions in the midst of lush nature.

Another irresistible privilege of staying at The Pavilions Phuket is you can always have the best treatments, whether you would prefer to visit the ambient spa, or even at your own peaceful villa.


I wholeheartedly love how they play with senses every minute, and their caring about the littlest details, like the way I rest my arms, or the design of the treatment bed, which comes with the right support for my head. Each therapy starts with the revitalising scent of signature Revive Essential Oil, an invigorating mixture of eucalyptus and grapefruit. The scent is so soothing that I suggest you try it yourself, and you will understand why it’s different at The Pavilions Spa.

When I ask which treatment to be done to alleviate my aching shoulders, I am recommended the Deep Tissue Oil Massage. Lying down in my private villa, it feels completely exclusive, and there comes an ultimate stress relief. With the best pressure from the masseuse’s hands, I could tell that she is very well-trained, as if she could read my mind. The relief was ultimate that I almost fall asleep from time to time, while I, concurrently, get re-energised from the pleasurable sensations.

Dsong Tsen, or Hammer Massage, is rather experimental and should be done only by an expertised therapist. This alternative remedy started as a folk wisdom thousands of years ago in the northern part of Thailand. If you are looking for a serene relaxation, this one is not for you, but if you are seeking a way out from your weary shoulders or a way to cure some other problematic parts, I would recommend this one. You may feel a bit achey for a few days, but then you will feel as though the weight has literally been taken off your shoulders!


Professional is one of the best words to describe how I perceived the therapists here. It seems like they know very well what people come for. They are so gentle and kind, creating an overall light-hearted ambience with no awkwardness at all.


As the room is not actually made merely for spa-ing, while doing the in-room spa, I found the lighting was not right for a massaging session. Of course, it’s not perfect, but it’s worth experiencing in every way.


Having a private spa session with extreme privacy is completely unique and gorgeous. It’s a whole new level of relaxation not having to leave an exquisite pool villa to get an ideal massage. Also, there are still more treatments I would love to try, like its very signature Scentsual Passion treatment.

31/1 Moo 6, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand
T: +66 (0) 76 317 600

Text by Pakvipa Rimdusit
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