Prince Hotels, Inc., one of the biggest hotel and resort group in Japan, has planned to open new hotels around the country to expand the travel market due to the increasing number of travelers. Also, the company just launched its most luxury hotel “The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho” in July and to open new hotels next year.

Mr. VICTOR OSUMI, Corporate Officer, Prince Hotels, Inc. disclosed that “Scheduled opening in July 27, the Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, a most Luxury Collection Hotel under Price Hotels group, is located in the heart of Tokyo’s Kioicho neighborhood, a town embraced in luscious greenery and a rich history. The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho is part of Tokyo Garden Terrace, a mixed-use development which will encompass retail, offices and residences. The hotel will be located on the 30th to 36th floors of the tower also featuring offices and commercial facilities and will include a lobby on the top floor with the panoramic city views. It is a hotel that marries lush nature and artistic designs with cutting-edge functions in a sophisticated manner, accompanied by the top floor views as magnificent as paintings. The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho will offer 250 guestrooms as well as Japanese and Italian restaurants, bar and lounge together with spa and fitness. Additionally, the hotel offers the new service by providing tablet to collect and analyze all guests’ information to prepare for better service in the next stay.


“Not only open the new hotel, but Prince Hotels also reopened “The Akasaka Prince Classic House”, on the same date (27 July 2016) by restoring from Grand Akasaka Prince Hotel which opened in 1955 to its original condition, complete with a banquet hall, restaurant, and bar. It is restored the main portions of the building, such as lighting fixtures, outer walls, etc., to their original conditions at the time of construction based on materials from the time of construction and other sources, in order to restore the elegance and dignity of former days, and to continue to meet modern needs, an expansion banquet hall with the latest features is also being added.

“Also, in autumn of 2017, we will open the first Prince Hotel in Nagoya within the newly built Global Gate, in the Sasashima Live 24, a large-scale redevelopment area on the south side of Nagoya Station. With the Sasashima Live 24, Nagoya City is aiming to create an international greeting and exchange area by building an exciting urban area. The central facility in the redevelopment is Global Gate, a combined facility comprising offices, a hotel, conference centers, retail facilities, and more. The site is 10 minutes’ walk from Nagoya Station and 1 minutes’ walk from nearby Sasashima Live Station. Prince Hotels will open a hotel and restaurant on the 31st to 36th floors of West Tower in the Global Gate complex, with conference centers to be built on the 2nd to 4th floors.


“Additionally, we are now on the process of Renovation of Hakodate-Onuma Prince Golf Course & New Club House for Hokkaido Country Club Onuma Course. The opening of Shinkansen service to Hokkaido in March 2016 improved accessibility from the Tohoku and Kanto areas. Anticipating an increase in sightseeing demand, including golf-related travel, we are renovating the Hakodate-Onuma Prince Golf Course adjacent to the Hakodate-Onuma Prince Hotel with completion planned for June 2017. The renovated course will share a club house with the Hokkaido Country Club Onuma Course, which will open in April 2017.