Pokémon GOes Around the World

Launched only a few months ago, Pokémon GO is already a worldwide phenomenon. The location-based augmented reality game, with its cute characters based on the original anime ‘Pokémon’, has connected players all around the world. If you are one of those – aka a Pokémon Master! – here are 10 destinations which you can enjoy as well as chase after rare Pokémon.


1# Kristiansand, Norway

Explore this town in southern Norway, notable as a diving hotspot in natural water sources, as well as for its dazzling beaches and pristine environment. Don’t forget to fill up your Pokédex as you wander around the bustling downtown.


2# Playa de Palma, Spain

Soak up the beauty of Palma’s beaches, hunt down Wild Pokémon in the meadows under the sun, and challenge your Pokémon at the Gym under the moon.


3# Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Head to the coastal town of Corpus Christi to catch some Water Pokémon. Take a rest on the beach or go fishing before visiting the landmarks – as well as go hunting for Wild Pokémon.


4# Ocean City, Maryland, USA

Stroll along the long, white beaches with wooden walkways and discover hidden Pokémon. Afterwards, delight in the numerous fairs, shops and restaurants which dot the area.


5# Birmingham, UK

Wander through this city to appreciate its iconic street art and the vintage shops at Bullring Shopping Centre, and in the evenings to enjoy the nightlife. You’ll forget the time – until you realize that your Pokémon eggs have all hatched!


6# Santa Cruz, California, USA

Pause and take a closer look at the tourist attractions such as Pier 39 and Union Square, which are crowded with Wild Pokémon waiting to be captured.


7# Playa de Ingles, Spain

Lounge on the beach and sip on a few cocktails, and wait for some rare Pokémon to surrender themselves up.


8# Fuengirola, Spain

The beauty of this town, which lies next to Costa del Sol, is bewitching and you should not miss the medieval castles. However, stay alert for the appearance of any unexpected Water Pokémon!


9# Galveston, USA

Situated on an island along Texas’s Mexico Bay, this town is well-known for its ancient yacht harbour, theme park and diners. It is also a destination for picking up diverse Pokémon.


10# Blackpool, UK

At this coastal town, you will be taken back to Blackpool’s heyday in the 1950s and 1960s as the ultimate English family seaside resort town! Nowadays, you can also uncover Pokémon which are concealed around the nostalgic town.

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