P80 Natural Essence™

Who says medicinal substance is never tasty? Not anymore, thanks to Thailand’s longan fruit, a lesser-known powerhouse of natural polyphenols. The drinkable benefits of longan come in the form of a 100% natural extract packaged into a bottle of P80 Natural Essence™.

Refreshingly delicious, P80 contains an exceptionally rare combination of five natural polyphenolic antioxidants to effectively combat free radicals and to prevent those ‘bad guys’ from inflicting oxidative damage on live cells or tissues. The polyphenols are also capable of hindering cancer cells from mutating, and of causing cancer cells to naturally die, which is usually not possible without medical intervention such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, which can be harmful in the long run. Other apparent benefits of the consistent intake of P80 are improved sleep; better liveliness and stamina; regulated blood pressure; stress relief; enhanced memory; and relief from joint, muscle, and back pains – all in one!

P80 is tasty to drink due to its natural fructose sweetness from high quality longans, With no added sugar, it is naturally low in calories and contains 0% fat. It is totally free of health-deranging artificial preservatives, colours and flavours.

After over 20 years of research and clinical trials by food scientists at Chiang Mai University’s Food Innovation and Packaging Center (FIN), P80 is now ready to nurture your health and is also determined to travel to all four corners of the world. P80 is manufactured and marketed by Natural Bev Company Limited led by visionary Chairman Prayudh Mahagitsiri, who himself has been taking P80 for four years now. The result of P80 intake on his blood pressure level has been impressive, as it is now completely normalised.

Good for people of all ages, P80 is one incredible 100% natural supplement with which you can take care of your health, without having to worry about side effects. So why wait? Get the ‘bad guys’ out of your body…. naturally!


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