Big city life could be implausibly relaxing when you know where to release your stress by having all five senses satisfied, right in the heart of the Bangkok metropolis.


Hidden away, yet remaining situated in the big bustling city is Organika Secret Spa. To serve your senses in the best possible ways, Organika Secret Spa uses only the purest and finest ingredients to create its very own world-class spa products.

With a strong belief in the power of scent, all five signature blends of aromatic notes are completely offbeat: uplifting Memoirs of Sunrise with fruity-citrus combination inspired by the beauty of dawn; harmonious Into The Woods with tropical flowers and replenishing eucalyptus; crisp Ocean of Dreams with refreshing lavender, rosemary and mint, resembling a fresh and cooling sea breeze; sentimental Secret Rose Garden, smelling like young love; and restorative Kisses of Jasmine to calm everything down.


I really loved the mystic feeling of walking in the narrow hallway, leading to the lounging area of Organika Secret Spa. The place is modest in its size, but the meticulous décor and ornamental trees add up to the whole atmosphere, becoming a photogenically exquisite city hideout. Regardless of the limited space, spa rooms are large and embellished enough to feel relaxing. Each mind-replenishing chamber gives a different impression with en-suite shower. Couple treatment is available here as well.


Nineteen minutes with Organika Aromatic Candle Massage is an awesome rejuvenation with unusual touches of warm drops from candles with subtle soothing scents. Not only does the warmth enhance mellow senses, its self-contained benefits, such as pure essential oil, soy butter, jojoba oil, vitamin A and E, help provide long-lasting moisturisation for delicate body skin. I picked this treatment with Ocean of Dreams scent for surviving the rest of my hard week.

Lying comfortably, the therapist started rubbing my back with the warm melted candle, which felt somewhat like massage oil but a bit stickier, which could be beneficial as it leaves the skin more moistened. I actually thought it would be trembling hot, but it was just moderately warm, and there I started to like the sensations it gave. A great choice of soul-soothing music was played during the treatment, making such an enchanting relaxation that I fell half-asleep, while still feeling the tranquilising rubbing hands.

The mild aroma came out from the candle, but not so strong to be easily noticed. It was gentle due to the use of purely natural perfumes instead of artificial ones, and it is far better to the respiration in the long run.

Time flew and the massage was eventually done. My skin was still lightly covered in candle wax, and I was recommended to leave it that way without washing it off for two hours to keep my skin softened. I did, and the result on my skin was incredible.

There are also some other one-off therapies I wish to try, such as Crystal Stone Massage, Aromatic Yoga Massage, and Ayurvedic Massages.


Like most spa therapists, they were all gentle and polite. However, to be frank, the therapist who did the treatment for me came out a bit uncaring in the beginning (maybe it was too early and she wasn’t fully ready to work, I guess). As time went by, she started asking me about my feelings, if the massage felt good to me and tried to make it right, then the overall atmosphere got a lot friendlier.


Even though I fell much in love with the cathartic candle on my body, the massaging technique here could be improved. It definitely relieved physical and mental stress, but I still expected a more unique massage.


Its convenient location is a big plus for me when I feel like hiding away from helter-skelter for a few hours. Besides, there are some remedial treatments on my must-try list already.

: 5th floor, Building A, Piman 49, Soi Sukhumvit 49, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
T: +66 (0) 2 665 1899

Text by Pakvipa Rimdusit
Photos by Rachapant Sukrattanachaikul
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