With the strong uprising of the Korean industry comes the major influences on the inhabitants of this city, this cafe perfectly captures the latest Bangkok obsessions of Korean dessert cafes. ‘Noonkotsi’ and other various Korean dessert places have quickly arose and proven to become one of the people’s favorites. This place specializes in shaved ice often referred to as ‘bingsu’ in Korean.

Since the opening of the store Noonkotsi’s signature shaved ice with mixed fruits has been and still is the best selling menu to date. The smooth texture of the powder-like ice in contrast to the chunky refreshing fruits and the sickly sweet condensed milk all combine into one delectable dessert. Once I had devoured the top layer of fruits I was pleasantly surprised with a layer of ‘tteok’ (rice cake made with rice flour). ‘tteok’ is the Korean’s take on what might be more commonly known as the Japanese ‘mochi’. This addictively chewy ‘tteok’ left me craving for more even after I had finished the dessert that should usually serve 2-4 people, guess bringing another friend wouldn’t hurt.

Noonkotsi 3

Alternatively, there is also a wide array of fruits available as toppings such as melon balls, sweet cubed mangos and crunchy strawberry halves. My personal favourite of the café was the shaved ice with heavily dusted soybean powder and of course, a layer of ‘tteok’ in the middle. The café also stocks other less brain-freeze inducing desserts like the tteok toast with a fine dusting of soybean powder and drizzled with condensed milk.

Noonkotsi 2

Overall, I would say it was a pleasant experience at Noonkotsi, however, one small thing bothering me would’ve been the underground parking cost. For a little over an hour I was charged 60THB which is considered very pricey, however, this can simply be solved by coming using other commuting systems.

Whether you would like to stop in for a quick chat with a friend or a lengthy cramming session during exam season this café is the perfect fit for anyone with its cozy and relaxing atmosphere. ‘Noonkotsi’ can be found tucked in Thonglor Soi 4 located on the first floor of the MAZE (an area crammed with multiple cafes and restaurants).

Noonkotsi 1

Text by Rena Kuwayama / Photos by Yuyee Pimlada