New Family Member in the Kitchen

Axor Citterio Select Increases Comfort and Movement around the Kitchen Sink  

Dual benefit for ambitious amateur and professional chefs: with the new Axor Citterio Select kitchen mixers, Axor relies on high-quality design paired with convenience and freedom of movement at the kitchen sink.

From now on the water flow can be opened and closed using the Select button located on the front end of the mixer; temperature and volume can be pre-set.

New Select Function for Greater Convenience and Freedom of Movement
In comparison to conventional single-lever mixers, temperature and volume can be pre-set with Axor Citterio Select. Opening and closing the water flow is then possible via the large Select button on the front end of the spout – even with the back of the hand or the elbow when holding a pot, or when both hands are dirty, for example. The lever remains in the open position, with the flow rate and water temperature at the previously chosen setting. This is both intuitive and practical: the technology requires neither a power supply nor any additional equipment hidden in the cabinet below; the Select technology is purely mechanical.


Kitchen Mixer Solutions for Everyone

The Axor range of kitchen mixers offers both amateur and professional chefs a multitude of possibilities for designing their individual kitchen sink environment – depending on how they choose to work with water. Those preferring the classic version of a single-lever mixer with characteristic joystick operation can opt for the Axor Starck range of kitchen mixers. These models allow the main body to be positioned in such way that the joystick lever extends to the left or right of the spout. Left-handed or right-handed users can implement their preferred solution at the time the mixer is installed.
The Axor kitchen ranges are available in fifteen particularly scratch and detergent-resistant PVD finishes – including chrome, gold-optic, red-gold, black-chrome, nickel, brass, stainless steel optic, and bronze.

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