Netflix’s future world series

The world has been changing rapidly in couple years, as well as the growth of population and our living styles. Have you ever imagined what human society would be like in the future? In this article, we will let you figure it out with 6 stunning Netflix’s future world series!

#1 Changing your identity in Altered Carbon

We’re quite sure that you have watched many of future world series. However, this unique cyber punk series by Richard K. Morgan obviously take it to another level! With its setting and element, you would be amazing with human society in 2384, in which all technologies are dramatically developed and allow us to change our identities like changing clothes!

#2 It’s all about fighting in 3%

If you are a big fan of adventurous series which protagonists have to struggle to survive, “3%” should has been on your recommended list. Director César Charlone brings you to witness incredibly hopeless future of Brazil, in which people are starving and basic consumer products are limitedly accessed. You would feel severe pressure as characters in “Inland” have to strive for their better lives.

#3 Overwhelmed by technology in Black Mirror

It would be breathtaking for anyone who tries to catch up with issues in this series! Black Mirror contests our philosophical mind with its sharp, sarcastic questions on technology and social development. With all characters living in the hi-tech future world, this series is more scared when technologies become more powerful and overwhelm all aspects of their lives.

#4 The darkest world in “Dark”

People in the future of Winden, Germany, are depressed since their lives have to rely upon stability of Nuclear factory’s manufacturing process. The director manifests how this relates to disappearance of 3 main characters. We would be excited with time traveling and puzzled events which will lastly describe all weird things, and sickening secrets of the characters.

#5 Exploring Rick and Morty’s different universe

This is a special series for fans of animation. A mad scientist, Rick Sanchez will bring you to explore another universe, surrounded with monsters and aliens. The director intends to satire American society with main characters’ personalities. We would see how Rick and another foolish character, his grandchild Morty, manage themselves to survive in such chaotic circumstance.

#6 Wars of planets in Star Trek: Discovery

After waiting for about a decade, the new series of “Star Trek” has found its way back to television. The situation begins in 2255 when captain Philippa Georgiou decides to wander around the universe with Burnham and Tyler as to win over other planets. We would see elements of “Kronos” which are like our planet earth and feel more nail-biting on the massacre of the Klingons.

Credits: Netflix