Netflix Carpool

With tons of shows available, it’s more important now than ever to ensure that whatever appears in your Netflix feed is curated and tailored to your tastes. Personalisation enables Netflix to create your own personalized entertainment one-stop shop with recommendations just for you.

Many subscribers have opted for the‘carpool’ approach, where they and four family members/friends share a Premium account. But how do you make use of the various Profilefeatures to improve the recommendations for you? More importantly, how do you ensure your mother’s undying love for Chinese serial dramas doesn’t infringe on your profile?

So here are a few tips to truly personalise your Netflix profile:

  • Create Individual Profiles:

You can create up to 5 different profiles for different members of the family and/or friends, so you can each have your own space whenever you want it. The more you watch, the more the shows recommended to you will be to your unique tastes and preferences. You can even create a profile for Family Night (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Fuller House, Alexa & Katie) or Date Night(Marvel’s The Defenders, Stranger Things, Okja)when you want to watch shows you’ll love together!

  • Jazz up your profile icons:

Make your profile distinct from the rest by using Netflix’s newly launched feature,Profile Icons, featuring characters and symbols from Netflix original shows and films. Choose your favourite character from your favourite show (one that your Dad would never accidentally click on!) that is unique to you and expresses your fandom. The possibilities are endless- you could be the Robot from Lost in Spacetoday,  Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye, Winston Churchill from The Crown tomorrow and Dustin from Stranger Thingsthe week after.

  • Browse Less, Watch More!

From the second you open Netflix, regardless of the device you’re on, everything you see has been designed around helping you find something great to watch right away. From the order of the rows, to the titles you are being recommended, the more you watch, the more Netflix is able surface the right story for you. Don’t spend too much time browsing, pick a title and give it a go! You never know what you’re going to discover next.

  • Give Your Faves A Thumbs Up!

You have a hand in your recommendations with this feature. Give a show a Thumbs-up to tell Netflix you like something and want to see similar suggestions. A Thumbs-down means you aren’t a fan of that title and it should stop appearing in your suggested list of shows to watch. Also, check out the % Match score, which is a prediction of what Netflix thinks you may enjoy, based on algorithms that analyse your unique viewing habits and behaviour.

  • Make Your List!

Add the shows you want to watch most to your “My List” if you don’t have time to watch it right away. You can save it for later! My List lets you create a customized row of TV shows and movies you want to watch as you browse our catalog. Once you’ve added several titles to your My List, we’ll sort it for you, putting the titles you’re most likely to want to watch right up front.

Personalising your Netflix profile is a vital step that goes a long way. Not only does it tell others that the profile belongs to you, it also helps Netflix in identifying what you like and what you don’t, making your Netflix experience truly YOURS.