Men’s Health Program

A luxury Swiss clinic that is exclusively dedicated to preventive medicine and anti-aging programmes, Nescens Clinique De Genolier, proudly launches its latest preventive health programme specially designed for men called ‘Santé Masculine’. This programme offers the male clients over the age of 40 with prevention and treatment of male-specific and age-related pathologies.

While many spa destinations or wellness clinics focuses mainly on the female clients, Nescens Clinique De Genolier doesn’t overlook the needs of male. “Every human being wants to enjoy life at its best for as long as possible. To achieve this, appearance, fitness, intellectual capacities and health are all that have to be preserved. Everyone dreams about a long life, on the condition that it can be led as we would want it. Therefore, Nescens was created to accompany those of us who are interested in preserving their youth capital.” Professor Jacques Proust, the pioneer in the biology of aging and anti-aging medicine at this luxury Swiss clinic said.

The ‘Santé Masculine’ programme aims at detecting, preventing and providing treatment of age-related, male-specific diseases and pathophysiological alterations. The programme consists of, to start, a consultation and a preventive medicine biological assessment.

Then, the physicians involve in carrying out this program and examine the hormonal deficiencies (male hormone production deficit), prostatic problems (urinary disorders), sexual disorders (erectile dysfunction) as well as defects in bone mineralization (osteoporosis) and loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia). After that, the complete written report and additional services may be offered such as sexology consultations, cosmetic medicine and dentistry, hair implantation, nutritional and sports coaching.

With comprehensive packages, the clinic uses the results to provide medical insights, pin-pointing any future risks to the clients’ health to ensure a long and happy life. Added Oppenheim, ‘Health is priceless, and prevention is always better than cure. Proactively taking care of one self is economically much more advantageous than treating the illnesses when the disease is already there. We see it as an investment for the future.’

Nescens is the result of the medical and scientific expertise of the Centre for the Prevention of Ageing of the Clinique De Genolier in Switzerland. The center was created over 15 years ago by Professor Jacques Proust, a pioneer in the development of aging biology and anti-again medicine. This luxury Swiss clinic is offering bespoke checkups for a host of international clients. The clinic employs experts with over 20 years’ experience in the field with a wide access to peers, colleagues and professionals through the Swiss Medical Network.

For more information:
T: +41 22 366 9000