Leica Gallery Bangkok

Opened in January, 2018, Leica Gallery Bangkok is established to encourage photographic explorations and promote unique culture of seeing among the Leica consumers and public audience in Thailand. Mark a milestone as the 19th Leica Gallery International and the 4th of Asia, Leica Gallery Bangkok follows the global objectives: to create one-of-a-kind destination with a unique atmosphere that promote art consumption while strengthening affiliation and develop profound relationship among photographers and photography communities across Thailand.

Located in the strategic heart of Bangkok, next door to the Leica Store on 2nd floor of Gaysorn Village, Leica Gallery Bangkok aims to encourage photographic exploration, appreciation.Not only the Gallery will feature works of internationally renowned photographers, it aims to showcase local creative talents to the international arena while also foster the development of photographic arts in the region.

The idea behind the Gallery’s design concept is to incorporate Thainess into urban modernity to create an area 101 sq.m. Covering the store of its own character as Thailand possesses deep-rooted heritage and exquisite resources that can be used in creation of a unique store. The design derives from one of the traditional Lai-Thai pattern called “Kra Chang”, depicting carving of leaves arranged in the shape of two outstretched arms.

The simplified Kra Chang pattern is often seen on Buddhist paintings, textiles or Thai ancient architecture such as temples and palaces such as on the the Kriab mirror on façade of the Ordination Hall of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok, which is Thailand’s most important and sacred temple. Pattern in the traditional Thai art is very much influenced by Buddhist and Hindu art and ingrained in the culture and seen in everyday life of Thais.  The designer has developed the pattern into contemporary representation, retaining its symmetrical and intricate essences and representing it in a forward-looking Thainess conception.

Leica Gallery Bangkok
2nd floor, Gaysorn Village, Bangkok
Daily 10:00 – 20:00
T:  +662 656 1102