KODOMO Kids cinema

Major Cineplex sees the market growth opportunities of children’s movie, launching a new service innovation which is the first children’s movie in Thailand at Mega Cineplex Bangna. In collaboration with Kodomo, a high quality children’s brand from Japan, Naming Sponsor of “KODOMO Kids Cinema“. It is hoped to increasingly expand the customer base of children and families. With over 250,000 members of M Gen Kids, the market for children and families is growing.

Mr. Niti Pattanapakdee, Chief Media Officer of Major Cineplex Group Plc., revealed that the company will open its first children’s movie theatre in Thailand at Mega Cineplex Bangna, which is residential areas with more than 290 villages and 31 international and elementary schools nearby. The new cinema aims to open the world of imagination and learning for children by partnering with experienced and specialized children’s products, Kodomo, as a naming sponsor under, “KODOMO Kids Cinema”. It will provide movies for new generation families with children between the ages of 5-12 years to find an exclusive movie experience and fun together in a private group. It is important to help thoughts and emotions development for children. The cinema is also supported by various film studios to show a variety of movies, such as animations, cartoons, adventures.

KODOMO Kids Cinema features Playland, a land of happiness, colourful balls and sliders for children to play before the movie. There are 84 candy-color chairs that create a brilliant cinematic atmosphere.

The opening of the children’s cinema accommodates the needs of new generation parents to bring their children to have experience outside the classroom. The movie is one of the famous activities that parents choose for their children. However, the movie theater may be unfavorable because there are no movies suitable for children in the past. The new kid cinema creates a new alternative for parents to use the cinema for recreational activities. It also provides a meeting place for children and parents to share and enhance new learning skills. In addition, it can also serve as a venue for children’s activities to shape their behaviors so that they can choose activities and spend time wisely in the future.

For example, singing and dancing contest, costumes, drawing, coloring, fashion shows, which will provide fun and support the development of children’s learning skill as well.

Mr. Niti further said that the opening of KODOMO Kids Cinema will bring more focus to children and family segmentation. It is expected that the number of children under the age of 12 will increase, and that M GEN Kids members will increase from the current 250,000 children. Children can register M GEN Kids for only THB 50, which can be used to discount movie tickets up to THB 90.

KODOMO Kids Cinema movie tickets start at THB 200 for a regular chair, THB 220 for a honeymoon chair, THB 250 for a single sofa bed, and THB 500 for a double sofa bed. KODOMO Kids Cinema is open daily from Mon-Fri, 4 times a day, from 11:00 to 19:00, and 5 times a day on Saturday-Sunday and public holidays during 10.00-20.00.

Special promotion!… at the beginning of service, children can register M GEN Kids for THB 269 and get a free Kids Welcome Set in the fabric bag, including one free movie ticket, 2 free bowling games, or 1 hour of free karaoke singing, or  a free 90-minutes ticket for ice skating. There are also a water bottle, a pencil box and children’s products from Kodomo, with total value of THB 1,200.

There are about 20 films to be released this year, including Sherlock Gnomes, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Incredibles 2, Ant Man and The Wasp, Teen Titans, GO! to the Movie, Doraemon The Movie 2018, Cinderella, The Grinch , Bernie The Dolphin, Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2.

Miss Saipin Prajongpongphan, Acting Deputy SPC Business Executive Manager Personal Care Product, Lion Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said that Kodomo is a high quality brand for children from Japan. With a brand positioning that caters to the development of children’s products, KODOMO is a well-known brand in every child development. As a result, the Kodomo brand continues to grow, especially in the past 3 years. Despite the unfavorable economic situation, Kodomo can still maintain more than 10% growth every year.

For 2018, Kodomo set a challenging target of 20% growth or sales of at least THB 2,000 million, with a marketing budget of at least THB 600 million. It also reinforces the position of experts in the development of children at any age by the continuous development of new products to meet the needs of the target audience continuously.

Kodomo did not stop developing the current products. This year, Kodomo has transformed its packaging design of the 0+ and 3+ groups to be more modern and premium for new generation children and mothers. The research shows that over 70% are top-level customers.

In addition, they will also continue to campaign for moms and children with the latest campaigns. “Visit the million years of dinosaur’s world with Kodomo“. This campaign allows children to open the world of adventure as the goal of the brand is to help children grow and develop appropriately both physically and mentally.

In cooperation with Major Cineplex Group on KODOMO Kids Cinema, Kodomo considered KODOMO Kids Cinema a new concept of children’s cinema in Thailand.  It is also a way to open the world of children’s learning as well as an option to reinforce family activities while enhancing children development. This is in line with Kodomo’s concept of encouraging children to develop appropriately at any age range. KODOMO Kids Cinema will be a part of the innovation of Thai youth to continue growing quality.