KIMUKATSU – 25 Layers of Happiness

KIMUKATSU– the famous original Mille-Feuille Katsu favored by many Japanese celebrities from all fields – is now serving in Thailand amidst modern Japanese decors in heartwarming luxury earth-tone palette of the 180 sq.m. on the 6th floor of Central Plaza Rama III.

The top 6 katsu menus carefully selected and adjusted to suit the Thai palates include Original/Plain, Cheddar Cheese, Garlic, Black Pepper, Negi Shio (Japanese Spring Onion) and Yuzu Kosho all made with quality free-range pork loins from Happy Farm pounded in to thin slices then wrapped into signature pieces of 25 layers.

The 25 layers is made with special technique to get the perfect amount of air mixing in-between all the layers for the signature Crispy on the outside, Juicy on the inside texture following by a dip in the flour, another in the egg then a toss in the breadcrumbs station before finishing up in healthy deep fry bath of canola oil. The result goes perfectly with signature rich tonkatsu sauce imported from Japan or with the chef special ponzu level out the cutlet flavors with some tangy pops.

Apart from the featured katsu dishes, KIMUKATSU welcomes newcomers with outstanding crowd-pleaser starters such as Spicy Ebimayo– fried prawns drenched in chef special Thai taste multi-spice infused sauce, Negishio Tofu – the fresh, smooth and supple, bite-sized white tofu dressed with Japanese style sesame oil dressing and Japanese spring onion which is only available for a limited number daily, and Potato Salad – the smooth texture completed with abundance of fried shallots for the sweet and salty flavorsome taste along with other accompaniments including boiled egg, bacon and carrot,all intentionally serve in chucky piece for the munchiest mouthful result.

I personally tried Original, Cheddar Cheese and Negi Shio katsu. As claimed, it was truly “Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside”. I don’t recall having katsu anywhere that was as juicy as this one. Other than that, my personal favorite was Spicy Ebimayo. As mentioned above, it is fried prawns drenched in chef’s special Thai taste multi-spice infused sauce. The first time I tasted it, I couldn’t stop myself from keep on having more and more!

In addition to the perfect juicy katsu, the restaurant has refill menus that perfectly complete the meal! The refill menu includes Miso Soup, Fresh-shredded cabbage Salad which are Japanese imported seeds locally grown in Thailand and Steamed Rice which is very special here as it is made from the best Japanese short grain rice. The specialty about the rice is that its cooked when ordered by the customers and it is served fresh in classic serving bowls from Japan. These bowls does a very good job of securing both heat and fragrance of the rice. The technique used in making the rice more extraordinary is 6 hours of soaking the grains and only 15 minutes of steaming.

It tastes great and comes in affordable price. Set menu might sound like too much for one person, but trust me, once you start having it, there is no “too much”! The starting price of the main dish is just THB 300. Come and indulge in one of the best Katsu in town and satisfy your sweet tooth with Blueberry Ice-cream Mochi or Mango Ice-cream Mochi!

6th floor, CentralPlaza Rama III
[10:30 AM – 9:00 PM]