KAWS Comes to Town

Central Embassy, Bangkok’s iconic lifestyle destination, joins hands with “SIWILAI”, the concept store that brings together select fashion items from across the world, in staging a world-class sensation. Highly-acclaimed artist KAWS is now here in Bangkok especially to inaugurate the global debut of his eight-meter-high sculpture “KAWS: BFF” plus an exhibition of his 34 highly-collectible art prints.


Central Embassy and SIWILAI have won the collaboration from AllRightsReserved Ltd, a prominent exhibitor, in presenting the masterpieces of the world-class artist including the premiere of KAWS’s new creation this time. KAWS fans will get opportunities to enjoy KAWS: BFF series in this exhibition and witness an official release of his new masterpiece.


BFF stands for “Best Friend Forever”. So as its name suggests, KAWS: BFF communicates about long-lasting friendship, introducing an ironic twist along with fresh creative elements that has never been on show at any other place before. Once unveiled, it ranks among KAWS’ biggest sculptures. While reminiscent of the artist’s iconic “COMPANION” figure, featuring his trademark soft skull with crossbones and crossed-out eyes.


KAWS, who creates stunning art pieces, says,

“I have staged exhibitions in many cities around the world already. Yet, I feel honored that Central Embassy and SIWILAI have offered to host the global debut of my KAWS:BFF. By presenting my work for public display, my pieces can communicate with more people. As Central Embassy itself boasts impressive architecture, it is a perfect venue for art exhibitions. I am also happy to have received very warm welcome from my Thai fans. I hope everyone is happy about my arts exhibition too”


The showcase, with free admission, will be on display till July 31 only without admission fee. To mark this special occasion, a series of limited-edition items will be available for interested customers too.