Joyful Pakoma

The Jim Thompson Farm, an agricultural tourist destination devoted to sustainable conservation and Isan wisdom and heritage, is inviting visitors to appreciate the beautiful nature at an expansive farm. This year, the annual farm tour highlights an activity themed “Kak-Ta-Ta! Phrae-E-Pho! – Joyful Pakoma” to broaden visitors’ experience of ‘phrae-e-pho’, a multifunctional Thai loincloth that is inseparable from local Isan ways of life. The tour will spellbind visitors with a variety of onsite attractions. Besides an education in local Isan traditions and culture, visitors can also shop amid an exclusive selection of top-quality produce and souvenirs from the farm.

Field of Cosmos and “U-Pick” Organic Vegetable Garden


Jim Thompson Farm visitors will be greeted with a dazzling scene, entering via an expansive, 80, 000 square-metre/50 rai field of stunning pink cosmos. At the shaded entrance, visitors can enjoy the beauty of ‘punta’ loincloths which guide them deeper in to the farm. Just inside, an organic cherry tomatoes can be plucked straight from their plots in the U-Pick Garden and there will be the opportunity for refreshments at the food court, before visitors catch the shuttle car to the next stop.

Pumpkin Patch and Colourful Flower Fields


This is an ideal place to stop for a moment to take in the stunning views and appreciate the natural surroundings of the Phrayaprab Hills and Lam Samlai Reservoir. Dazzling fields of colourful plants make for a spectacular display of flowers in full bloom, providing great photo opportunities. The garden boasts more than 5,000 rose shrubs, a sunflower field, a cosmos field and many more colourful shrubs. For photo enthusiasts looking for unique camera angles, the maze of loincloths provides a 360° high-angle view of the flower fields. Another stunning spot is the striking fountain courtyard, adorned dramatically with wind wheels of colourful loincloths. And, don’t miss the pumpkin patch that has already become a signature scene at the Jim Thompson Farm and a favourite spot of the visitors.

Isan Village


Visitors can broaden their experience through “Kak-Ta-Ta! Phrae-E-Pho!,” an activity that will not only introduce them to the ingenuity of the multifunctional Thai loincloth, but also allow them to try weaving one and learn to use it in numerous ways. Visitors can be spellbound by the unique loincloth castle, a regal structure wrapped in Thai loincloth in a golden rice field motif. The village also houses loincloth swings and an interlaced loincloth ground, to name a few.


Within the Isan Village, visitors will also be introduced to the fascinating life cycle of the silk worm that produces the beautiful silk yarn used for Jim Thompson fabrics. They can witness Isan’s traditional cotton yarn spinning and indigo dyeing processes, and can even try this tie-dye process themselves. Visitors can enjoy a great variety of local Isan dishes alongside a lively ambience of Isan music. From this stop, they can either take a leisurely walk along the stream or catch the shuttle car and enjoy the beautiful roadside views, in order to get to the next attraction.

Jim Village


A tunnel of multicoloured Thai loincloths guides visitors into the Jim Village to explore the distinctive silk production processes, from silk reeling and yarn dyeing to weaving and fabric printing. Visitors can also have fun experimenting with these processes themselves if they wish to participate.

Jim Market


At this stop, visitors can pick hydroponic vegetables themselves and enjoy shopping for a wide variety of other farm related gifts, such as fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, potted plants; as well as silk and cotton fabrics, Thai loincloths and many other Jim Thompson products. The Market is the perfect final pitstop before bidding farewell to the Jim Thompson Farm Tour 2016 with fond, lasting memories.

Jim Thompson Farm Tour 2016: Kak!-Ta-Ta Phrae-E-Pho! is open to visitors from 9am – 5pm daily from 3 December 2016 to 8 January 2017 at Jim Thompson Farm, Nakhon Ratchasima. More details: