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Fashion is something that comes from within this amazing designer! Lifestyle and Travel magazine wants to share the exclusive interview with the very well-known Thai designer – Phatcharawatt Trakarnsunthikun; revealing us the story of Jardin De La Boutique and also suggesting the perfect match for girls with tanned complexion.

The brand has created its identity with the specific signature concept, design and prints. La Boutique is the answer for confident-trendy working women who loves dressing up. The brand is well-known for the handmade craftsmanship. La Boutique’s fashion never goes out of trend! Even for the next year’s collection, the brand is going to create a different style maintaining the same concept.

The shop is decorated as the glass house with trees and greenery surrounding it. One of the signatures of La Boutique is the Wallpaper. Their wallpaper is very unique and has an interesting story behind it. The wallpaper is green in color with golden colored images on it. It conveys the concept of La Boutique, which is about a woman who is a traveler and wants to discover every part of the world including Southeast Asia, Europe and America. This particular woman is also fond of horoscope and astronomy. She is also a lover of flowers and would collect roses and keep it in her diary in memories of each country she visited.

After revealing the concept of La Boutique, Mr. Phatcharawatt represented the top three collections individually. All beautiful in its own unique way. The first one is the printed vintage dress. The dress’ print is the signature of La Boutique and customers love this signature print. It never gets old or out of trend. The print embraces the concept of stars and astronomy. The inspiration of the dress is from 70s fashion but it has been adapted to the modern trend and fashion. The dress is vintage shaped, but easy wearing as it is shorter in length. It has embroidery in the front of the dress giving the glamour look to it.

The next one is a smart feathery coat. Apart from the stars, feather is another signature of La Boutique. The feather together with the embroidery gives a perfect smart look to the coat. The embroidery on the clothes takes 1.5 – 3 days depending on the design. The aim behind creating this piece is to deliver customers the perfect coat which is stylishsoft and comfortable.

80% of the material for this coat has been imported from Japan and the rest 20% from Korea. The best quality materials have been used so that customers feel comfortable wearing it. It also has beautiful embroidery done on the back collar giving the dress a detailed look. It is a beautiful piece of work. This feather coat is suitable when travelling abroad as it gives you ‘The Look’ when taking pictures.

The third one is a formal coat which comes in both short and long length. This is a perfect piece for trendy working women as it can be worn to work. It would look perfect with a pencil skirt, jeans or pants. Actually, anything with this coat would look good. It is custom tailored fit and goes very well with the feminine figure. While making it, the smallest details have been taken care off! You sure wouldn’t want to miss this piece of art!

When designing the costumes, Mr. Phatcharawatt has always kept in mind the Thai fashion and trends. The fashion in Thailand is different from that in abroad. Not all costumes all over the world are designed for everybody. Which costume looks good on who depends on the physique and complexion of the person. Mr. Phatcharawatt suggested that white is the color that suits all women of every complexion.

Mr. Phatcharawatt Trakarnsunthikun specially suggested the way tanned complexion women should choose the color of their attires. Tanned skin women should go with the light shade of color. The darker the shade is, the more prominent the cloth is and the lesser you stand out! He also suggested that all girls when dressing up should look at themselves in the mirror from head to toe. That’s the secret!

The easiest way to check out if the color of the cloth is suiting you or not is by looking at yourself in the mirror from head to toe. If you feel like your skin color is darker than the clothes you are wearing, then that’s a wrong choice. To get a brighter skin, pastel colored clothes are the best as suggested by Mr. Phatcharawatt. The correct choice as the pastel colored clothes makes sure that your skin glows and looks more prominent than the clothes you are wearing. Your skin will look brighter than normal. So do not forget the magic word – ‘Look at yourself from head to toe in the mirror’.

Other than fashion, ‘Jardin de la Boutique’ is also the creator of the aromatic lust scent. Phatcharawatt Trakarnsunthikun the creator mentions that scents are mysterious and remedial. He strongly believes that scents have more seductive power than words and actions. The seductive scents were discovered by his emotional maturity inspiration. These scents can energize you, inspire you and it will also give you the happy vibes.

The powerful scents are separated by three types of products:

1. Aromatic Reed Diffuser 115 ml – The reeds are soaked in the fragrance and it can be flipped once a week or as many times as you like for more fragrance.

2. Aromatic Candle 220 g – When lighted, the scent is delivered with the melting of the wax. It burns up to 45 hours. Trim ¼ of the candle wick before use so it could burn better. To fully get the aroma, burn the candle long enough.

3. Aromatic Sachet 50 g – Remove sachet from the package and leave in desired area. One sachet can be used for 3 months maximum. The sachet works best in small areas with less airflow like closet, car, luggage and drawer. Make sure to keep it away from direct sun light and air conditioning.

For all the three products, if unopened and kept away from direct light in clean and dry place then it lasts up to 2 years. If you want higher fragrance intensity then avoid keeping the product in high temperature area or area with high air flows.

The 12 scents that generate the whole new marvel of feelings include:

  • Anise Enigma – Sweet and warming sensation
  • Mystique Pine – Cool and calming
  • Jasmine Lore – Sensual healing
  • Marvel Rose – Seductive healing power
  • Basil Maze – Mind healing
  • Clove Ethos – Touch of nature
  • Camellia Mythos (White Tea) – Pure and fresh
  • Fable Grapefruit – Cleanse and fruity
  • Fancy Fig – Natural healing power and vibrant scent
  • Bergamia Meander (Bergamot) – Powerful day with citrus bergamot
  • Vanilla Saga – Soothing and relaxing
  • Labyrinth Lavender – Warm sunshine and cool earth

Jardin De La Boutique has already won hearts of many. I am sure that it will win more hearts in the future with its signature stars and feathers fashion and new innovations in the scents. Do not forget to check out one of the best designed clothes by the very best Thai designer and creator – Mr. Phatcharawatt Trakarnsunthikun!

Store location: 2nd Floor Rama I Rd – Siam Square Soi 1, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

Text by Sawita Rattivarakorn                                                                                                                                Photos by Purin Arunjit
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