A New Type of Chronograph Watch Started in Japan.

Commemorating its 10th year in Thailand, Issey Miyake – as part of the watch project with world-class designers involved reflecting the spirit of Issey Miyake – joins hands with Trocadero Group unveil the first ever limited edition of the most popular W Series which specially designed in one-of-a-kind inspired colours for both W regular-size and W mini smaller-size especially available in Thailand to celebrate this remarkable milestone and to thank all Thai fans with this exclusive collection.

W NEW DAY (43 mm.) with its dashing Prussian Blue taken right off the colour of the stunning ‘Morning Blue Hour’ – a short period of time just before the appearance of the rising sun when the sun is at a significant depth below horizon and residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade. It is a hidden beauty that the universe = offers to people every single morning to signal the dawn of the new day coming with new hope, new strength and new thought. The shiny metallic center second hand affords you the luxury and elegant look.

W mini Dazzling Night (39 mm.) taken its inspiration from ‘Gold’ which plays an important role as main element for Thailand’s stunning architecture, religious art and culture to represent the gloriousness and prosperity of the Kingdom. The elegant and shiny Rose Champagne Gold – a reference to the ‘Gold’ – has been chosen to use on the dial’s inner ring, markings and hands which perfectly combined with the classy all-black case, dial and bracelet for the first time. It seems like the darkest nights make the brightest stars produced for this exclusive timepiece.

First introduced six year ago in 2012, the “W” Series was produced in collaboration between the Issey Miyake Watch Project and the internationally renowned car and product designer Satoshi Wada, who has worked on many automotive series for the German manufacturer Audi. The faces and cases of this series feature various design elements inspired by automotive dashboard instrumentation and aluminum wheels, the dials reflect the traditional Japanese pursuit of minimalist beauty – efficient, clean and balance.

The concept of “W” Series is explained by the designer – “I designed this watch to reflect the minimal mind based on the traditional aesthetic sense of Japan. Aiming for returning to basics of Japanese traditional arts, I proposed a new type of chronograph watch started in Japan.” The powerful and dynamic case is inspired by an aluminum wheel of a car and the long hands indicate the time on its precise gauge-like dial.

Each of the 300 pieces of W New Day and W mini Dazzling Night is exclusively available in Thailand.

For more information, please contact Trocadero Group Tel. 02 163 0555.