It’s such a thrill to keep an eye on what’s new in the theme parks of the world, because they always succeed at conjuring up unprecedented and spectacular attractions to please visitors. Hong Kong Disneyland is doing exactly that with its new attraction, Iron Man Experience – Presented by AIA.

Part of the attraction space is given over to ‘Stark Expo’, a simulation of Iron Man’s Tomorrowland, which displays the futuristic innovations created by Stark Industries to shape the future world for the better. There are also four halls though which visitors will get a close-up experience of Iron Man’s world. It need not be said, really, that the new attraction will become a magnet for Iron Man fans and would-be super heroes around the world!

The Hall of Legacy relates the background to Stark Industries which was founded by Tony Stark, visionary and ingenious millionaire who is the alter ego of Iron Man. The Hall of Protection gives the thrill of getting up-close to the iconic Iron Man MARK III Suit and other futuristic defence technology. Over in The Hall of Energy, visitors can learn how the Arc Reactor provides enough clean and sustainable energy to feed a city. And at the last stop, The Hall of Mobility, the next chapter of excitement begins with the spotlight on the Expo Edition Iron Wing Mark VIII.

A combination of flight simulator, 3-D projection, sound and special effects, Expo Edition Iron Wing Mark VIII sweeps visitors up high in the sky to savour Hong Kong’s cityscape and skyline after they don the StarkVision glasses. Numerous landmarks are featured on the aerial tour including West Kowloon, Tsing Ma Bridge, Victoria Harbour and the city’s mountain ranges. This won’t be an average aerial sightseeing tour, of course! – visitors will also need to battle against the evil forces of the villainous Hydra in hair-raising  aerial battles, alongside Iron Man. It’s a gripping, thrilling experience!

Once ‘back on ground’ visitors will get their chance to snap a selfie with Iron Man himself in the Heroic Encounter zone of the Iron Man Tech Showcase presented by Stark Industries. Those who would like to try on Iron Man’s iconic suit just need to play the interactive game Become Iron Man, which will dress them virtually via motion-sensing technology. This moment of transformation into Iron Man can be saved either as a video clip or as a digital photo collage, and those would like to have more tangible memories can purchase exclusive Iron Man merchandise and souvenirs at the Expo Shop.

The other parts of the theme park, including hotel, continue with the Iron Man theme. The restaurants offer over 25 Iron Man delectables including a Hero Burger, Iron Man Waffle, Iron Man Tumbler, plus Iron Man desserts and beverages. The hotel provides an ‘Iron Man Room Decoration’ option, so fans can continue living and breathing in their super hero experience as they sleep.

Iron Man Experience – Presented by AIA is just an aperitif for Hong Kong Disneyland’s bigger plans during the period 2018 to 2023. It’s already confirmed that more super heroes from the Marvel Universe will be appearing, to keep Iron Man company. Additionally, The Kingdom of Arendelle from the award-winning animation film ‘Frozen’ and the Motunui Village Festival stage shows from the blockbuster ‘Moana’ will also be making an appearance, to add some variety and spice. It’s time for travellers to start making plans to visit. Stick with us and keep updated with Hong Kong Disneyland’s news.

Presented by Rangsimun Kitchaijaroen
Special Thanks to Hong Kong Disneyland