What do you have in mind when you think about Chiang Mai? The answers will absolutely be diverse because this special place has so much to offer. But at Bad Boy Valley, you can combine great food, lushness and a cosy hideaway weekend together.


Bad Boy Valley 1

Located in Mae Tang district, Bad Boy Valley is the remarkable result of love and passion. The owners, who fell in love with the art and craftsmanship, share the very determined resolution about giving back to the society, with a plan to create a magnificent set of private art and craft pieces in order to create a superb livable museum. People can come to stay and enjoy every little detail of the place: getting inspired and leaving with positive energy and uplifted souls.


With an attempt to mingle antique Chinese piece, European interior decoration and  Lanna culture, every piece is very carefully put together and the result is, of course, remarkable. Reunite the collectible items with fresh air and spacious lush space with so many different kinds of trees and plants.

Bad Boy Valley 2


Having a lovely afternoon tea on the hill where you can enjoy the panoramic lush views of rural Chiang Mai whilst the sun is about to say goodbye to the world is truly a wonderful moment, and trust us that you would not want to miss a tasty six-dish dinner beautifully prepared in a very well-decorated yet homely dining area. We strongly recommend you spend a night at the Valley to have a chance to enjoy the slow pace of life in the heart of nature.

Bad Boy Valley 3

T: +66 (0) 9 2832 5681, +66 (0) 6 1274 2112

Text by W.B Photos by Peter Chou
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