hansgrohe offers Select technology

Since the introduction of hansgrohe’s intuitive Select technology to its range of best-selling Raindance handshowers in 2011, the Hansgrohe company has gone further to offer the innovative Select technology to its range of showerheads, basin mixers, thermostats and now kitchen mixers under the hansgrohe brand. Home owners who are planning for their new or renovated bathrooms and kitchens can now find out what benefits are offered by hansgrohe’s latest products fitted with Select technology.

Intuitive and easy-to-use Select buttons

From thermostats, showerheads, basin mixers to kitchen mixers, hansgrohe offers the latest high quality products fitted with the Select technology, which allows for the selection of individual water pleasure with the simple push of the Select button. The incorporation of hansgrohe Select technology in its newest range of products from its initial introduction in the popular Raindance handshowers, is only a natural progression. hansgrohe continues to create intuitive and simple bathroom and kitchen experiences for customers.


Purely mechanical – without the complexity of electronics

Home owners may be surprised to know that the hansgrohe Select technology is purely mechanical and requires no electronics. hansgrohe specially developed the Select cartridge for the Talis Select basin mixers to work seamlessly, allowing users to control the water flow with a simple push of the button and the temperature by turning the valve. No additional electricity or devices are required in the base cabinet, saving the hassle for home owners.


Individualised water pleasure

Taking the Raindance Select S120 handshowers as an example, there are people who want to be refreshed and save time and thus, the powerful “Rain” spray vitalises them and effective rinses shampoo and soap, allowing them to have an efficient and enjoyable shower. For those seeking relaxation under a gently pearling rain shower, they can easily switch to the voluminous yet soft “RainAir” spray. Lastly, those who are feeling sore and tired will enjoy the “Whirl” spray which is perfect to ease their tense and tired muscles in the shower in a targeted manner.


Keeping your fittings clean

What about situations where your hands are dirty and you would like to turn on the mixer to rinse your hands but fear leaving dirty marks on the mixer? This worry can become a thing of the past, thanks to the innovative Select technology fitted in hansgrohe’s newest Talis mixers. The secret lies in the intelligent Select button on the upper side of the Talis Select basin mixer, which can be easily and intuitively operated using the hand, wrist, elbow or arm.

Conserving water (and money)

The intelligent Select technology offered by hansgrohe to its new range of Talis basin mixers also features a clever benefit – saving water (and potentially money) for the users.Water is saved quickly and easily by users when they simply press the convenient Select button on the Talis Select basin mixers after each use, homeowners can be certain that the water flow will stop quickly without any unfounded fears if the mixer has been closed properly.


Aesthetically-pleasing and award-winning designs        

On top of offering the intelligent Select technology, hansgrohe’s latest bathroom and kitchen fittings feature aesthetically-pleasing designs which have won various coveted design awards. This will come as no surprise from the hansgrohe Group, the design leader in the bathroom fitting industry, with more than 500 design awards under its belt.

If homeowners are looking for thermostatic mixers without the complexity of traditional controls or without taking up space, they are in for a treat. ShowerSelect Glass thermostat’s durable white glass surface is high quality and scratch-resistant, making it easy to clean. It blends perfectly well with ceramic, tiles and ceiling, fitting harmoniously into the bathroom environment.

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