There is still time if you are stuck for ideas to help you express your love for those special people in your life. Airbnb, with over half a million homes across Asia-Pacific and over 500 handcrafted activities designed by local experts, provides perfect alternative ideas to help you treat your Valentine.

Culture Couples

If your idea of a perfect date is new experiences and expanding your horizons, here are two ideas to treat your culture king or queen:

Stay in a traditional ryokan in Kyoto – a truly romantic getaway in a beautiful Japanese inn, where you can fully immerse in Kyoto’s traditional culture and come away with a deep understanding of the heritage, style and not to mention that perfect reprieve sleeping on tatami floors and taking an onsen bath.

The River Less Travelled In Seoul – Spend the day exploring Seoul’s signature waterway, the Han River with a travel writer. Bike, sail, and picnic along the river while poking around hidden bars and markets.

Adventure Addicts

For the fearless amongst us, here’s how to get your Valentine fix with a kick:

Mountain Treehouse – tucked deep in the forests of northern Thailand, an incredible treehouse awaits. Spend the days hiking, relaxing by the waterfall or exploring bat caves.

Samurai Sword Artist – be trained in the way of the Samurai with the choreographer from Kill Bill. You’ll learn the physical and mental discipline needed to swing your sword with style.

Spirit animals

The perfect getaways for couples or families who like to spend their quality time together in peaceful harmony:

Relax amongst the rice paddies – eat, pray, and love together in an authentic Balinese getaway. Swim in the pristine swimming pool overlooking the emerald green rice paddies, or relax with a traditional Balinese massage under the alang-alang grass roof gazebo.

Awaken your senses with incense – inhale the world of Japanese incense, seeing and smelling how fragrances affect moods. Spend the day with a Kohshi – Japanese master of scents – and learn what scents go together, how to make your own signature fragrance and hear stories from the temple on the relationship incense has with traditional Buddhism.


Often the special people in your life are those that stick by you thick and thin – your best girlfriends. Turn your Valentines into Galentines with these ideas:

Ultimate girls weekend villa – head to Bali and make the most of your quality time with your best girlfriends. Hang by the pool and pamper yourselves in the outdoor living area before heading into Kuta to party the night away – girls are doing it for themselves.

Become a “K-beauty” insider – from innovative skincare to cult beauty brands, Korea’s K-beauty has taken the world by storm. Spend the day with a K-beauty expert – from searching for your perfect blockbuster makeup products to learning the best skin care techniques and routines, you will learn how to elevate your natural look in a uniquely Korean way.

And…for those that just love love

Paris is still the ultimate city of love, and here are some new ways to experience the city for those old romantics:

Nostalgic Paris – Take a step back in time with this elegant Parisian apartment, a place famous for artists and lovers and where every street and boulevard is a piece of art in itself.

Go behind the strings with Violin Whisperers – As Shakespeare, that old romantic once said if music be the food of love, play on – and what better way to spend a romantic day learning how great masters transform a mere piece of wood into a delicate musical instrument – seeing the skills, craftsmanship steeped in tradition and putting your own skills to the test before your own private concert.

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