During the seventy-year reign of the most-beloved monarch, the late King Rama IX, Thailand, has always been sheltered from all troubles. Royal Speech is expected to be the living evidence of His benevolence and great contribution to the country. His words of wisdom, his guiding light, as exemplified by these Royal gems, will continue to shine.

I. When applying knowledge for future profession, one should take into consideration honesty, and common benefits. Only when honest, learned individuals come together will the nation prosper. [January 1960]

II.One should do good things without expecting others to know. In fact, nobody likes to do “good things secretly (putting gold leaves at the back of the Buddha)” because they usually want to be recognized. However, thankless a task might be, without which the Buddha would stand blemished, incomplete. [July 1963]

III. Knowledge, like weapons, can equally do both good and harm. When carefully wielded, one is shielded. Once misused, all are in peril. [August 1964]

IV. When one is determined to do one’s part, performing one’s duty honestly, faithfully and attentively, a stable and enduring society ensues. [October 1969]

V. While the law is essential, it needs to serve the situation, the system and the needs of the country and its citizens. [March 1970]

VI. To live in unity is to be willing to help one another, particularly those in need. Such is one core value of the Thai society—for peace, prosperity and safety. [June 1972]

VII. Morality and a noble heart are what one needs to develop for oneself. They cannot be learned nor found in any textbooks. One must practice them by oneself. [July 1977]

VIII. The nation can be compared to human beings. Speaking factually, human being consists of physical and mental selves. If both work well together, one is alive. If one is damaged, so is the other. [September 1978]

IX. Whilst happiness is most desirable, life at times grants us distress and disappointments. Therefore, one must always be prepared mentally and physically, and not be careless with life. [December 2016]

Source: “Gems of the Royal Speech” by the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University                       Pictures Credit: Pinterest