Gaeity is indeed in the air

Do you know that right in the heart of Bangkok, you can spend a merry afternoon by the pool, enjoying the second-to-none taste of hearty foods and mind blowing beverages, and feeling so cosy, much like a beach vacation?

At Blunos, Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn, what makes all the difference is intangibilities like bliss and blast, which are so one-of-a-kind lucid here, thanks to the innovative and passionate Michelin-starred chef, whose name appears as the name of the restaurant, and he won’t stop having fun while doing what he loves.

Stepping in this breezy poolside whereabouts, despite serving the finest of its kind, you don’t need to be formal at all – simply sit back and relax. The signature moreish menu is designed to “give diners what they don’t even know they want”, and they can’t easily stop asking for more.

Ultra-tender is the Slow-cooked Short Rib Nuggets with Horseradish Cream (THB 420). The Horseradish cream tastes somewhat like wasabi, but much gentler in an English way, and goes perfectly with the bite-sized soft nuggets. The Gardener (THB 550) comes in an eye-catching demeanour and behaves healthily, as the big to-share wooden box is filled with chickpea hummus, aubergine (socalled eggplant) baba ghanoush, and Coco’s pea & mint dip (named after the chef’s daughter who loves the dip loads) to yum with veggie sticks or bread twigs, also with dirty little tomatoes which are actually immaculate. Before getting ready to rock, don’t forget to roll!

Lobster Roll (THB 550) at Blunos is not to be missed whatsoever. The freshest lobster perks up the whole garlic-buttery bite with its juicy and bouncy chew. A bowl to be more satiated – Hand-Cut Beef Chilli piling up on jasmine rice, topped with sour cream and crunchy tortilla – will make your day if you are in love with spices.

Plenty of smashing sweet treats are on the table, but if I have to pick one, it would be Apple Turnover (THB 320). The éclat green apple from Granny Smiths soaked in butter and cinnamon crisps mildly inside warm puffy pastry, and tasting delightful when savoured with ebullient custard so sophisticatedly scented.

This hotshot eatery is also an all-day bar to keep you refreshed. A wide array of wine, sparkling, bubbles and beers are ready to quench your thirst. Classic cocktails and mojitos are definitely must-try, but if you look for something more experimental, Blunos’s signature cocktails are perfect alternatives. Selfie Mojito (THB 350) is an ideal long drink with different layers of frisky light rum, mint leaves, and lime juice, with a sweet addition of chewy mixed berries, topped with beer (I told you already, it’s going to be a long drink!). For a “wow” sensation, foggy Follow Tom Yam (THB 350) is an extravagantly embellished combination of gin and vodka, shaken vigorously with Tom Yam ingredients: kaffir lime, galangal, lemongrass, chilli, and sour mix, to be capped with Mekhong indigenous Thai spirit.

With Blunos-esque lighthearted fun, delectable dishes and brilliant drinks, it’s so uncommon that one would not want to return again.

Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok
14th Floor, 33/1 South Sathorn Road Yannawa, Sathorn, 10120 Bangkok, Thailand
T: +66 (0) 2 210 8100

Text by Pakvipa Rimdusit
Photos by Purin Arunjit
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