Lying within an aesthetic surface of art is a whisper of its creator, who would like to share their stories, or dedications that cannot be spoken out loud inside the frame. I would like to lead you through eye-opening discoveries of subliminal messages behind these seven well-known works of art that will change the way you look towards them forever.

The Confrontation of David

The sculpture of “David”, magnificent and mysterious, is one of the biggest secret holders. Behind David’s gorgeous posture, very few know that he is indeed confronting his mightiest adversary, Goliath. You can prove it by climbing 17 feet up in the air and staring David in the face, to see nervousness running its course on his tense face and muscles throughout his veined body. This is probably the cause of his ‘shrinkage’ too.

The Real Creator of Adam

Michelangelo added another wow factor to his most remarkable fresco painting on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, “The Creation of Adam”. Displayed over heads of crammed pious Christians inside the holy residence of Pope, it sounds quite ironic to tell them that the picture is, in fact, a representative of a detailed human’s brain; you can tell apart any nerves, glands and arteries.

The Futuristic School of Athens

This fresco of Italian renaissance artist Raphael is kind of a challenging hidden-objects puzzle for Ancient Greek geeks who would love to figure out which figures in the picture resemble which of 21 famous philosophers in history. The painting is also the preview of the most anticipated church of the era. It’s assumed that Raphael had Bramante design the façade of “The School of Athens”, and Bramante provided him a blueprint of his current project, St. Peter Basilica, which was finished a century later than the painting was.

The Musical Supper

A computer technician claimed that he found this mural painting is truly a subtle music sheet of a hymn to praise God. His theory said that the breads spreading over the table and the hands of every person in the picture, Jesus and all of his Apostles, arrange into a 40-second musical composition which doesn’t make sense until you read it backward in Leonardo Da Vinci’s style. Draw a five-line musical staff and you’ll see that it is surely not just a coincidence!

Madonna with Saint UFO

The perception of the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and other extraterrestrial beings is controversial yet not so ‘modern’; I may say it’s quite ‘renaissance’. Domenico Ghirlandaio‘s Madonna with Saint Giovannino shows not only the depiction of Mary, the mother of Jesus and the holy baby, but also a strange-looking, glowing object floating across the sky. You can also find something like UFOs in other paintings from the same era, like those at the Visoki Decani Monastery.

The Story of the Scream

Edvard Munch’s The Scream is one of the most renowned expressionism paintings in modern era. What you may not know before is that “The Scream”, first known as “The Scream of Nature”, doesn’t refer to a painting, but four paintings, created with different methods. It was also mass-produced by Munch himself using lithograph. Its popularity had it stolen from National Gallery of Oslo twice – the latter case was solved with a prize of 2.2 tons of M&Ms which helped open the mouth of the convict.

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Al Hirschfeld’s Dedication

Al Hirschfeld‘s black-and-white caricatures of celebrities and Broadway stars are signature and impressive. But his works of art from 1945 onwards have got more impressive with a background story. He dedicated all of his works to his newborn daughter, Nina, by hiding the capital letters of her name inside each of his caricatures from now on. He also put the total number of Ninas in each picture after his autograph, perhaps just to show how much love he has always given to the apple of his eyes.

Text by Rangsimun Kitchaijaroen
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