First Steps to Explore outside Capitals

Capital cities around the world may be the go to for many, but why not swap the hustle and bustle of these popular capital cities for an alternative getaway? If you’re on the lookout for a new city break idea, we’ve got a list from that would inspire you to explore some amazing cities, beyond the capitals.

New Orleans, USA

Washington, D.C., the capital of the USA attracts travellers for being home to the historic White House and iconic Washington Monument, but New Orleans is on the rise and famous for its food and music scene. Catch the infamous Mardi Gras and Jazz festival in the spring and indulge in the thriving food scene all year round.

Marseille, France

Paris may be famous for its museums, landmarks and incredible food but if you’re looking for a new idea for a French city break why not take a visit to the oldest city in France, Marseille. This port city was founded 2,600 years ago and today you’ll find great shopping, chic restaurants and designer hotels. It’s a great destination all year round with lovely walks in the spring and autumn and beautiful beaches in the summer.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The charming capital of Croatia, Zagreb, may attract visitors with its romantic city charm but its UNESCO world heritage site Dubrovnik, with its picture perfect location by the sea that makes for a truly incredible trip. This magnificent walled city is full of Baroque style churches, delicious restaurants, stunning beaches and of course the unique medieval old town.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam’s capital Hanoi is famous for its busy street life, French feel and colonial buildings and serves as a gateway to the rest of this beautiful country, but it’s the bustling and beautiful Hoi An that’s the real draw. The UNESCO world heritage site was once a trading port and travellers can explore the old town on bicycle, venture out to nearby beaches and spend hours visiting the city’s famous tailors.

Girona, Spain

If you loved Spain’s capital Madrid for its museums, culture and incredible tapas than why not try Girona. Soak up the Catalan culture by exploring the architecture, cathedrals and museums as well as sampling the fine cuisine at the city’s Michelin starred restaurant El Celler de Can Roca. It’s also just an hour’s drive from the beautiful coast of Costa Brava if you want to combine with some beach time.

Bologna, Italy

Rome may be renowned for its historical sights, culture and out of this world cuisine but Bologna, which has stayed off the tourist track, is a strong contender especially if you’re a food fan. You could spend forever perusing the restaurants – from high end to cheap local haunts, as well as exploring the city’s religious architecture and cultural events.

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