Ferraro Ristorante is an Asian fusion-Italian restaurant that knows how it’s done. Located on the 2nd floor of The Maze, a community mall at Thonglor Soi 4, this place lays comfortably in the middle of the spectrum of fusion and traditional Italian restaurants.

Walking in, I was greeted with a dark but relaxed ambience. The restaurant’s interior is simply decorated: classic wooden tables and chairs, a marble cocktail bar, orange-coloured walls and framed photographs of food that sure left my stomach grumbling.

Ferraro Ristorante 1

Dishes like Fried Chicken Drumsticks in Teriyaki Sauce and Linguine Pasta with Spicy Squid Ink Sauce are some examples of the simple yet mouthwatering dishes you will find here. Whatever your choice, don’t miss out on my personal favourite: the Salmon Steak with Spicy Tom Yum Sauce; grilled to perfection and served with a generous drizzle of sauce, the ultimate cherry on top. Upon interviewing the owner, I was informed that this particular dish has been prepared more than 800 times since the restaurant’s grand opening at the start of this year. So it is safe to say that one will not be disappointed.

Ferraro Ristorante 2

Ferraro Ristorante also offers a wide selection of cocktails. From simple mojitos and margaritas to more sophisticated choices like the Everest Lady Knight – one of the restaurant’s signature cocktails. For those who are under age, they also boast a wide selection of mocktails.

Ferraro Ristorante 3

All in all, I was impressed with Ferraro Ristorante and will certainly be going back again. On top of my list for next time is their desserts, which I did not leave enough room for this time around. So, my verdict is: if you are unsure whether to go for Asian or Western cuisine, fret not. Like a little slice of Italy in the heart of Bangkok, Ferrero Restorante will give you the ultimate east-meets-west experience, and without breaking the bank.

Do your tastebuds a favour and add this restaurant to your bucket list!

Text by Marline Chan / Photos by YuYee Pimlada