Explore Asia with Mike Horn

Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) opens an opportunity to share exciting and impressive moments during the expeditions of Mr. Mike Horn, a brand ambassador of Mercedes-Benz and a legendary explorer and adventurer, who visits Thailand under the campaign “Driven to Explore Asia”. He will take us to different routes around the globe and be an inspiration for adventure lovers who want to explore new experiences by themselves.

Mr. Frank Steinacher, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited said, “Mercedes-Benz has been a long-time supporter of world-class activities. We appoint brand ambassadors for different fields, such as sports, cultures, and education. The support to such activities is not only a part of our marketing strategy, but also the expression of our brand’s social responsibility. Activities or people chosen to be supported by Mercedes-Benz must perfectly fit the brand values of Mercedes-Benz in terms of perfection, fascination, and responsibility.”

“One of the admirable brand ambassadors of Mercedes-Benz is Mr. Mike Horn, the world’s renowned explorer and adventure of the modern day. The “Driven to Explore Asia” is another project which, once again, Mercedes-Benz has been working with Mr. Mike Horn. The campaign aims toward launching the expedition to study different cultures and the way of life in each area. The brand also utilizes this activity as the medium to reach out to people of a younger generation at every corner of the world in order to establish an awareness of Mercedes-Benz,” said Mr. Steinacher.

Mr. Steinacher added, “Apart from the talking session with the media today, Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) is also planning to organize a test drive on adventurous routes under the close supervision of Mr. Mike Horn. The activity aims to inspire the SUV lovers as we are confident that Mr. Horn’s characteristics very well reflect those of the SUVs that represent the spirit of adventurers and are ready to open great opportunities to reach out to a wider perspective of the world.”

Mr. Mike Horn, a brand ambassador of Mercedes-Benz and the legendary explorer and adventurer reveals about his journey, “From my long travel experience, I have learned that by setting out on a journey with an airplane, we missed out an opportunity to see the beauty of nature, the scenery, and the people along the way which we could only meet when travelling by car or on foot. This is the origin of the “Driven to Explore” activity that was initiated for the first time in Africa and the second time in Asia.

We will set our feet on remote areas in nine countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, India, Nepal, and Pakistan, to express the true and unseen beauty of nature while sharing and exchanging cultural values with people from each area. We also take up the role as a member of Laureus Award Academy to educate and offer supports to children in need under the projects of Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.”

“The G-Class allows me to travel to all areas in every road condition. Its glorious performance has already been affirmed from many trips of mine over the past several years. I will soon have a chance to drive the Mercedes-Benz SUV on the road with the beautiful scenery in Thailand. I am very excited for the opportunity as Thailand is one of the famous tourist destinations for all travelers around the world that consists of a variety of landscape, and a unique culture and language. I truly believe that it will certainly be one of the most impressive journeys that I have ever done,” concluded Mr. Horn.

About Mr. Mike Horn

Mr. Mike Horn is a professional adventurer who was born in South Africa and raised in Switzerland. Over the past 25 years, he has been travelling, exploring, and surpassing the limit of human abilities in several expeditions. He undertook a solo journey around the world without any motorized vehicle, climbed as many as four mountains with the height over 8,000 meters, traveled around the Arctic Circle in the Arctic winter, and swum the whole length of Amazon River.