Experience The True Blue

The planet Earth comprises of a lot of water bodies, approximated 70% of the whole surface. Have you ever wondered how does it feel deep down in the alluring bluish sea? For those who wish to explore the serene and mysterious underwater world, here are the ways you could get to know more about the ocean:


The most convenient and family-friendly way to inspect underwater lives is visiting an aquarium, where both freshwater and seawater creatures are artificially mustered in the sea-like settings, in big cities and without getting wet. Some aquariums offer a more astonishing aquarium experiences like scuba diving and helmet diving.

Credit Photo : www.seawalker.com.au


Especially popular in Bali, Indonesia and in Australia, the Seawalker tour allows tourist to walk freely underwater, surrounded by a huge shoal of little colourful fishes, using a particular hamlet to make sure that you have sufficient air to breathe. Now you can have a chance to smile at the fish closely.


A beach holiday’s favourite activity, snorkeling is easy and fun. You will find that the underseascape looks mesmerizing even from the water surface. Time flies so fast when you enjoy the ocean world and swimming freely under the summer sun, so be ready to get a little more tan.

Scuba Diving

For anyone seeking a more adventurous way to discover the blue and to swim along with astounding aquatic lives, scuba diving is a popular way to fulfill the wish. It gives a brand new sense of freedom, as if you were another fish in the sea. There you could take a closer look at the corals and lovely fishes, and, if you were lucky, celebrity fishes like whale sharks and manta rays. You certainly need proper training and diving certification for your own safety, and must never damage your underwater friends!

Free Diving

Good news for adrenaline rushers! Without having to carry the tanks, freedivers use special techniques of breath-holding to spend as much time as possible under the sea. You will be amazed by both the stunning vista of nature’s marvelous realm and what your body is capable of doing. Freediving as well requires training and certification.

Text by Pakvipa Rimdusit
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