Escape the Summer Heat

In southern hemisphere countries already saturated in sunshine, summer can mean soaring temperatures for months on end. The pull toward cooler climes grows stronger as you imagine waking up to a sheet of glistening frost on the ground. Or the feeling of crisp mountain air tingling your face as you sip a mulled wine on an alpine ski trip.

To find the most sought-after destinations to escape southern hemisphere extremes, is pleased to share its analysed internal data to reveal destinations endorsed by travellers from southern hemisphere countries that provide the ultimate retreat during the summer months at home.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland rumbles with volcanoes and geysers. In Reykjavík, the urban and natural worlds meld together. See how Hallgrímskirkja Church rises like a wave of lava. Plunge into the geothermal waters of Nauthólsvík Beach or any city pool, and warm up faster than you can say “Eyjafjallajökull”!

Naples, Italy

Naples is edgier than The Godfather’s Rubik’s cube. But that’s half the fun – the effusive locals, the scooters zooming past, the tumultuous tangle of tumbledown streets. In the birthplace of pizza, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into, from Castel dell’Ovo to the Archaeological Museum.

Madrid, Spain

There’s an indelible ‘something extra’ to life in Madrid. Start your day in the leafy Retiro Park on your way to a morning at the Prado. Take a late lunch and afternoon siesta, before rising late to join the locals for dinner – never before eight.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest bewitches every visitor. Houdini’s hometown is full of grand-scale monuments and unfading beauty that holds you captive. A gentle soul emanates from within this city built on imperial strength, and people engage in a high-stakes hustle to claim their own piece of happiness.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Every city is unique in its own way, but none more so than Dubrovnik. The high city walls which seem to stretch forever once provided essential protection to the city. These days, they offer stunning views over the emerald Adriatic Sea – and one of Croatia’s most beautiful cities.

Stockholm, Sweden

As well as being the world’s design powerhouse, Stockholm’s a Nobel Prize contender for Scandinavia’s friendliest citizens. You’ll be welcomed with open arms to this urbane city, where medieval alleys, majestic parks and an awe-inspiring Royal Palace will leave you eager to explore.

Porto, Portugal

For centuries, boats have dropped anchor in the sleepy Douro River, as travellers tumbled forth into Porto’s lattice of sun drenched streets. Today, cellars stocked with sweet wine vie for your attention among studios, cafes, and baroque buildings strung with colourful criss-crossed washing lines.

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